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Tamil Nadu Places to see COMIC DANCE

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Region : Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram

From the ancient time, the Tamil Nadu state's one of the prime places Chidambaram is believed to be center point of Universe. According to mythology, Saint Patanjali was a witness of Lord Shiva's comic dance this saint was a writer of Science of Yoga. As per the tradition of India, each and every dance form of India has been originated from the Nataraja. Lord Shiva's Nrityamurtis is common in the entire India and majorly in India's southern part. You can experience the perfect examples such as Chidambaram and Ellora. 5 essential Sabhas are located at Chidmbaram, Tiruvalangadu close to Chennai, Madurai, Kutralam, and Tiruneveli. There are some more halls, which have the relevance to Aadi Chit Sadhai and Adri Sabhai and Perur Kanaka Sabhai. For the Cholas, Nataraga deity contains great respect, it is their family deity. In the ancient time, the Cholas had captured the Sabha by gold and transformed it in the Kanaka Sadha; the deity is called as Kanakasabhapati. Chidambaram Kanakasabha hall's roof portion was constructed during the period of King Paraantaka Chola dynasty.

Chidambaram Sabha is most essential hall among all 5 Sabhas. In the Lord Shiva's Naadaanta dance, his right side leg is comfortably placed on back of MuuyaLaka, Lord Shiva's left side leg is lifted high on slant, his left side hand is placed on Gaja Hata or Dola, right hand is acted in Abhaya pose. Unmai Vilakkam The text in Tamil language expresses the symbol of Tamil Nadu state's cosmic dance of divine god in this form. Entire 5 Lord Shiva's activities are cuddled.

The Nataraja's Naadaanta dance was formed prior the golden Chidambaram hall, center point of Universe or Thaillai was firstly showcased to the Gods and also the number of Rishis. Later on submission of end within the Taaraka forest, connected to Koyli Puranam. This Comic dance displays the Lord Shiva's 5 activities Sthiti, Srishti, Tirobhava, Samhaara and Anugraha. All these are important activities of deities like Rudra, Vishnu, Brahma and Sadaashiva. You will get to see bronze image of these deities in Madras museum, earlier it was presented at Triuvelangaadu. In Jatas, you can see the image's upper body part is tightly tied by cloth and it is holding broken Damaru. The image's head part had been adorned by the feathers of peacock, Kottappaadi is sculptured in bronze, this has been places in Puja within the village temple. On both sides of Lord Shiva's image there are 5 Jatas & among every pair of image there is Ganga River's figure and flowers. The goddess is standing close to the separate platform, the posture of the goddess is Tribhanga, left hand of deity let down and the right side arm has been bent and it has been held in the pose of Kataka.

Tirucchengaattangudi's Nataraja is having 4 arms, it has 3 eyes and Jataamakuta has been placed over the head. Nataraja's one hand of right and side has been held in the pose of Abhaya and rest of the numbers of hands is carrying Damaru. One hand among the left side hands is in the posture of Gajahasta and rest of the hands is carrying the fire. The left side leg has been placed over Pitha, but it is bent. The right foot's toe is also held over the Pitha. In Chidambaram's comic dance the centre of attraction is always the cosmic activity. The dance Culture of the Tamil Nadu state is filled by the various types of magnificent and fabulous dances.

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