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Tamil Nadu Places to see KARAGATTAM DANCE

At a Glance :

Region : Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur

Practiced to worship : Gangai Ammana goddess of River, Mari Amman goddess of rain

Called As : Kudakoothu

Two Parts : Sakthi karagam & Atta Kragram

Karagattam dance form of Tamil Nadu state is one of the ancient folk dances. This dance is a prototypical way of praising the deities, along with carrying the beautifully adorned pots. Dancers of Tamil Nadu state practiced this dance to praise the river and rain deities. The musical tune of this dance is aesthetical because of the songs and musical instruments. The dancers of the Karagattam dance balance the water pot on head and they dance with musical rhythm with that pot. The unique feature of this dance form is handling water pot on the head and doing the dance. The Karagattam dance contains 2 different parts Sakhi karagm and Aatta Karagam. The field of Aatta Karagam is restricted only within the holy Temples of Tamil Nadu state, another part Sakthi Karagam is practiced by the dancers in temples and also public platforms. The major aim of Karagattam dance is jubilation, Karagattam dance's both the types are tremendously famous in the entire Tamil Nadu state.

Earlier times of its origin, this dance was performed by the dancer by using the mud pots, decorated by paper made parrot and flowers. The dancers were carrying the pot over head and doing the complicated dancing movements and mudras. Along with the start pf new century, the mud pots are replaced by the stainless steel and bronze pots. But the inherent attractive features of this dance are still present in the performance of Karagattam. As per the change in time, many modern and unique dance styles have been formed in the cultural and art of Tamil Nadu. After so many years, the presence of Karagattam dance is fading away, with every passing day the identity of this traditional dance is vanishing.

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