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Fairs and Festivals are considered to be the most integral part of the state, the state gets its recognition from the festivals celebrated there, its people and Culture. These fairs and festivals are celebrated to bring people together to enjoy to the fullest and bring about a communication which is left out in the busy life of the people. Through the fairs and festivals you can preserve the culture of your state or country, In Tamil Nadu the calendar is dotted with some or the other festival in the whole year, here in Tamil Nadu the traditions of the primitive times is till preserved and you can look at those through the Fairs and Festivals of Tamil Nadu. These festivals have also become a major part of pull over, for making it well known as a festive group of Tamil Nadu organizes festival of dance like Natyanjali Dance Festival. This promotion is not from the past it just recently got promoted. If you make a plan to visit Tamil Nadu during these festivals, then it will be the best time to visit Tamil Nadu because the display of culture during the festive season is to the fullest.

Pongal :


Majority of the population in India depends on agriculture, so mainly most of the fiesta’s in India is also related to agricultural activities of the people. Hence these festivals are celebrated with various names in various parts of the country, among which Pongal is the most significant festival that is being celebrated in Tamil Nadu, dedicated to farmers to mark their harvesting crops. This festival takes place in the middle of January; this is when people are ready to thank Earth, God and their Cattle for an astonishing harvest and goes on with the celebration with full fledged rituals and traditions. Pongal is carried on for four days, and is also known as the Harvest Festival. This festival marks its beginning on the last day of the month of Tamil with Bhogi Pongal which is followed by Surya. On the next day of the Bhigi comes the day of Pongal where a delicacy of Pongal that is Chakkara is offered to the Sun God, this offering is prepared through harvest rice cooked with jaggery, cashew nuts and ghee.

Karthaigai Deepam :


Having its celebration in the month of November or December, the Karthaigai Deepam festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It marks its beginning on the Uttradam Day, where there is a flag hoisting done and then the festival continues for nine days. This festival is also known as Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Karthaigai month wherein it coincides with the krithikai star, this is also is considered as an addition of the Diwali Festival. There is cleaning of homes done before the festival arrives at the time when the festival goes on people draw kolams which means Rangoli in front of their houses and light some lamps on the Rangoli. In some of the houses they add the numbers of the lamps as the days increases to the Diwali day and makes an end to this on the day of Karthigai Deepam. Ardhanareeswarar is brought out to this situation with the 5 deepams that are planted in a big bud vase close to the flug-stuff. The beacon light on the hill is also lit at the same time.

Panguni Utthiram :


Panguni Utthiram is the most significant festival of the Palani’s and it falls in the month of March or April on the day when Nakshatra (Uttiram Start) is increasing. This is the festival of 10 days, which is celebrated in grandeur in the Tiru Avinankudi temple in the foot hills, it takes place during the off season. The month in which the festival takes place is considered to be special as it marks the happening of the marriages of Shiv Parvati, Aandaal (also renowned as Kothai) and Rangamannar, Murugan and Deivanai took place.

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