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Tamil Nadu is decorated with many amazing forts that date back to the ancient period. In all, these forts and palaces where established in the 17th to 18 century.

British had established their 1st fort in the state of  Tamil Nadu. Also, many other forts found in Tamil Nadu have been constructed by them in that particular period.

There are a huge number of visitors who are attracted to this fort. And many of the forts comes under the special preferences by the visitors and main tourist attraction of Tamil Nadu. Few of them are as follows:

Fort St. George :

It is one of the 1st forts that was established in the year 1639 by the British who had ruled in India. The fort was lucky to witness few famous wars that took place during the 18th century. Today, this fort is well known as the administrative office of the legislative assembly that belongs to Tamil Nadu.

The major attraction that is found in the fort are St. Mary Church, museum, the Wallesley House and the canons by the great ruler of 18th century.

Fort St. David :

This is amongst the historical fort that was established by the East India Company. It was brought from the Maratha ruler in the period of 1785. In the later part of this period, the fort was well known as the British Headquarters that covers the entire region of South India. The fort is located at the Cuddalore which is near about 100 miles away from Chennai.

Gingee Fort :

This ancient fort was constructed in the period of 9th century with various powers. There were many rulers who ruled this fort and few of them are Vijay Nagar’s Empire in the duration of 13th century, Gingee Nayaks had confirmed this as the head quarters. And during the rule of Shivaji, this fort was a strong hold for the Marathas in the south of India.

Uday Giri Fort :

The fort is located in the part of the Kanya Kumari. Uday Giri was constructed by the Travancore rulers during the 17th century. The main attraction of this fort that attracts this are tombs that belongs to Dutch admiral De Lennoy and also a beautiful chapel that is constructed in his memory.

Vellore Fort :

The fort of Vellore is situated at a distance of around 145 kilometers away from Chennai. The Vijaya Fort and the Jalakanteshwara Temple are the major attractions of the fort.

In addition to this, there are many other forts that are found on the land of Tamil Nadu like Vettakotai Fort, Dindigul fort and Sankagiri Fort.

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