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Tamil Nadu Places to see VELLORE FORT

Vellore is situated at a distance of about 145 kilometers to the west from Chennai, the state capital. Sinna Bommi Nayak is constructed during the period of Vijayanagara Kingdom that was in supremacy to the south of India. In that particular period, the possession of the fort was detained and distributed from one ruler to another as time passed.

The Vellore Fort has a huge importance in the ancient period. There is a chain of association that is attached with the rulers that belongs to India as the emperors were not constant and kept changing one after the other. It was built by the chief of the emperor known as Nayak. But in the later period, the sultan of Bijapur around the 17th century had seized the fort. In the centre of this century, the Marathas came into the picture and captured the fort of Vellore. In the later part of the 18th century, Daud Khan took over the Marathas and able to grab the fort of Vellore.

The fort of Vellore was maintained and developed by the Nawab who belongs to Arcot. He had eternal love for his daughter and so he gifted that fort to his son - in - law. He possessed the fort for around 20 years and after that British captured this fort. This fort was totally under India till it got Independence. The Tipu Sultan’s family was incarcerated in Vellore Fort after he got killed by the British.

The vellore fort is constructed with the granite blocks. It is well known in the big moat which surrounds the entire region of the fort. The fort of Vellore is very well maintained and preserved by the government. It is believed at a point that this moat is covered by the crocodiles in this fort of Vellore. It also has the mosque, temple and the church. The temple found here is the Jalakanteshwara Temple and is being worshipped by the people here.

The Vellore Fort which is located in Tamil Nadu has a beautiful Museums that is decorated with the wonderful paintings, handicrafts and the sculptures.

This fort is available for the visitor’s everyday except Fridays.

Time to visit Vellore Fort : 8 am to 8 pm.

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