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Tamil Nadu is bordered by Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in the north and towards the west is Kerala. The southern and eastern coast of Tamil Nadu is covered by the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal respectively. Area wise Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest state and population wise, it is the 7th largest. Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu. Here you can have a quick look at a few significant aspects of Tamil Nadu.

History : Going back to the history of Tamil Nadu Prehistoric items like fossils of Dinosaur eggs and similar objects of the Jurassic era have been excavated from Tamil Nadu making the state a significant one for the study of archeology. It is expected that the Dravidian who were the inhabitants of early Indus valley civilization migrated to South India during 1500 BC. The medieval period in Tamil Nadu saw the upsurge of monarchy and conflicts between kingdoms were a common feature of the state during that time. During the mediaval times the state saw the emergence of three different kingdoms; Cholas, Pandyas and Cheras. The Cholas were prominent in East while the Pandya and Cheras ruled the central and the Western part of Tamil Nadu. The kingdoms of these three dynasties were subject to war of expansion often and thus the borders of these three kingdoms kept changing as per the results of battles.

Geography : Tamil Nadu has its location in India’s southern part, Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the main language spoken here, English is also another language used for communication. Kountuntamil and Centamil as well as non-Brahmin and Brahmin are Tamil Nadu’s mainly used dialects. This place is spread over area of 1,30,058 square kilometres. In Tamil Nadu you can find fertile river plains, coastal regions, hills and forested lands. The state relies heavy on Monsoon and thus the land is subject to drought in case there is scanty rainfall. June to September is the season of advancing monsoon and October to December is the time of North East monsoon. The state remains quite dry from January till May.

Culture : The culture of Tamil Nadu is a wide spectrum, it includes all the era right from when it started to all the kings which ruled Tamil Nadu. After you pay your visit to this place you can actually get the feel of the rich Culture of Tamil Nadu.

Cuisines : Tamil Nadu providers the visitors with delivers visitors with varied range of finger licking vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The main food lineage here is lentils, vegetables, rice and grains. In Tamil Nadu you can taste a peculiar taste which is due to the spices. The staple food of this state is rice. Some of the common delicacies of Tamil Nadu are Dosa, Sambar, Coconut chutmey, Vada, Rasam and Idli. For hard core non-vegetarians Tamil Nadu presents Chettinad.

Architecture :
Tamil Nadu follows an architectural style of the Dravidian’s. The most popular architecture found in Tamil Nadu is the temple architecture. A  region of temples and various types of museums which have been established during the seventh century. Tamil Nadu's temples are showcasing the beautiful sculptures and carvings that hold testimony of creativity and craftsmanship of artists and sculptors of historical India. Within Tamil Nadu you can see a number of mind blowing big temples along Gopurams that are prime factors of architectural style of Dravidian. The architect of Hindu is dynamic where as Architecture of Muslim is not existing. Architecture of temples has been categorized in the various dynasties. Tamil Nadu state's temples too provide huge opportunity for beautiful vision and stories of oldest rulers and kings which made India proud during the modern time.

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