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Tamil Nadu Places to see ARCHITECTURE

At a Glance :

Region :
Tamil Nadu

Popular Founded Architecture :
Temple Architecture

Contributed Dynasties :
Nayakas, Cholas, Vijayanagar rulers, Pallavas and Pandyas

Style of Architecture : Dravidian Architectural style

This one of the India's states is a region of temples and various types of Museums which have been established during the seventh century. Tamil Nadu's temples are showcasing the beautiful sculptures and carvings that hold testimony of creativity and craftsmanship of artists and sculptors of historical India. Within Tamil Nadu state you will get to see numbers of mind blowing big temples along Gopurams that are prime factor of architectural style of Dravidian. The architect of Hindu is dynamic where as architecture of Muslim is not existed. Architecture of temples has been categorized in the various dynasties. Tamil Nadu state's temples too provide huge opportunity for beautiful vision and stories of oldest rulers and kings which made India proud during the modern time.

Temple Architecture :

The land of this state has become sacred due to presence of numbers of architectural temple. To make this state so much beautiful and divine many dynasties have been contributed such as Chola, Pallavas, Vijayanagar rulers, Pandyas and Nayakas. There are 1000 of Temples that are so huge that they are touching the sky. State has become popular due to it's creators of marvelous and big temples. Here you can see the temples that belong to the pre Christian and also twentieth century, at that plenty of dynasties put their efforts for the growth of Tamil Nadu state's great monuments.

Chola Ruler's Contribution :

As per the Pallavas, this dynasty also contributed from nineteenth century's middle till the five hundred years. Chola dynasty made them as best dynasty among the other contributed dynasty through building the enormous location for worship. They made lots of relevance changes in style of structure along individual shrine, numbers of layers, Parivaras, Gopurams for deities. While Chola's period, Tamil Nadu state's land was covered by temples. If you want to see the peak architectural art then visiting the Brihadeeswarar temple that is situated in Thanjavur, also explore the temples located at Kumbakonam, Thiruverkadu and Parauram etc. the temples which have been placed here are perfect masterpieces of Chola dynasty's ending phase. All these temples are made with nice architectural perfection.

Pandya & Pallava Ruler's Contribution :

The start of architecture of temple was done through the Pandyas and Pallavas with cave temples. This gave the birth to the making of fine temples along cut stones. You can see this form of sculptural work or design at Tiruchirappali, Mamandur and Pallavaram, that was added the quality in Mahendravarman. At Mamallapuram, there are nice examples that display the gorgeous varieties from temples of caves with monoliths bas reliefs & cutout stones that were established through Mamalla Narasimhavarman I and Mahendravarman's son. Kanchipuram's Kailasnathar temple, shore temples and land of 1000 temples located Mamallapuram are perfect ideal temples that have been replaced stone medium. In the same century, they have credited to Narasimha Varman II & Rajasimha.

Nayak Ruler' Contribution :

In Tamil Nadu state, you will get to the chance to see the tallest tower temple, which are located at Rameswaram, Madurai and Tirunelveli. All these temples are the most beautiful temples which have been built during the Madurai's Nayak rulers.

Vijayanagar Ruler's Contribution :

The period of Vijayanagar dynasty made important additions in the old temples. They constructed numbers of structures in the modern style. Due to royal ness in the details of sculptures, the height of Gopurams had been enhanced and comfortable Mandapams also raised in size. You can see eye pleasant architectural temples made by Vijayanagar dynasty are located at Kanchipuram, Srirangam, Tiruvannamalai and Chidambaram.

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