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Tamil Nadu Places to see CUISINES

Fast Facts :

Region : Tamil Nadu, India

Known for : Filter Coffee and exotic south Indian cuisines

Common Delicacies :
Upma, Rasam, Idli, Vada, Cocunut Chutney, Dosa etc

Basically :
Rice Eaters

Apt Time to Visit this Place :
In the month of (December-February)

Tamil Nadu renders visitors with a broad variety of yummy finger licking food for both the non-vegetarians as well as the vegetarians. The major lineage of food over here is rice, vegetables, lentils and grains. Spices are mainly added to give a typical taste of Tamil Nadu.Rice is the staple food of this state. Some of the common delicacies of  Tamil Nadu are Vada, Rasam, Sambar, Idli, Coconut chutney and Dosa.

If you are a hard-core lover of non-vegetarian cuisine then the specialty of this state, the Chettinad Cuisine is the ideal spicy cuisine for you. This cuisine got introduced in the Southern region of this state.Chettinad cuisine consists of variety of mutton, chicken and fish dishes out of which the (Chettinad Pepper chicken) is the popular one.Chettinad Cuisine is very different from the bland Tamilian Brahmin and is considered to be the oiliest, aromatic and spiciest cuisine in India.

They are also well known for the vegetarian preparations, their repertory of food items is popular and includes all the manner of fowl, meat and fish as well noodle like dishes and berries are specially added in to the curries prepared by the Chettinad women, sun dried legumes. Spices and oil are generously used in cooking and most and maximum number of dishes has peppercorn, bay leaves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, red and green chilies.

The primary attraction of this type of cuisine is its nutritional balance and its variety. The special garlic pickle of Chettinad is very popular. There are many varieties of cuisines, which are heavily spiced with pepper and aromatic.

Popular Dishes :

Some of the famous dishes includes in the menu are Poriyal which is a specialized curry, Kuzambbu which is also a curry but has the ingredients of spices and coconut milk, Varuval which is a dry fish curry mixed with spices and onions (vegetables, chicken or fish) and Kolumbus also known as the Kofta gravies and the savors and sweet Paniyarams also known as Dumplings.

South Indian Delicacies :

Tiffin’s or Breakfast also include Idly, which is steamed rice cakes,Vada which is made from a batter of spices and lentils,Upma prepared by mixing semolina, tempered in oil with dry lentils, pepper,

The preparation of Filter Coffee :

Tamil Nadu is well known for its filtered coffee as most Tamilians have a slight hatred for instant brewed coffee.

The creation of filter coffee is nearly a practice for, coffee beans have to be roasted and then grounded. The brewed powder is settled into an unique filter set and scorching hot water is supplemented to make the decoction and permitted to set for atleast 15 minutes. The decoction mixture is after that mixed to milk and sugar to savor. The ultimate drink is decanted independently from one series of container to the other one in speedy succession on the way to create the perfect lathered mug of Tamilian filter coffee.

Standard Tamilian Meals :

Tamilians are fundamentally rice-consuming people plus they have unique food made out of rice intended for the entire meals through out the day. Lentils are also consumed comprehensively, as auxiliary to the preparations of rice. Housed on the varied seacoast, coconut is used extensively in Tamil kitchens, like fishes and different seafoods.whereas tamarind is mostly added as a flavor to the food, chili and peppercorns, both red and green, are utilized to formulate the food sizzling. To counteract the upshot of the chilies, and pacify the stomach, fresh curd is added in almost every dish. Additional spices like garlic, mustard, cuisine etc. are utilized for seasoning and tempering.

Although a number of communities in Tamil Nadu are sternly vegetarian, at hand is a complete range of  mouth watering non-vegetarian dishes -, spicy, succulent and exotic. Other seafood’s and Fish are also prepared in the conventional Tamil kitchen with traditional seasoning and spices.Sambhar and rice is the life of Tamilnadu food. It is a heavily spiced up dal with a mixture of some appropriate vegetables. People of this state find this adorable and eat it religiously.

A Conventional Tamil Nadu Meal :

In Tamil Nadu, foodstuff has a sacrament purpose that reminiscent the person exactly where she or he belong on the gastronomic map of society awareness. This is beautifully seen throughout special occasions while associate of any community or family get together to rejoice an occasion.

A Plateful :

Food in Tamil language is called as ‘Sappad’ is always dished out on a fresh banana leaf (the size of the banana leaf depends from 1 community to another).The guest will come to know about the community, wealth that the family possesses and their status in the society by just having a glance at the size of the leaf.

The top part of the banana leaf is set aside for the accessories; lower part is reserved for the rice. There is a ritual in Tamil Nadu that rice is not served until the guest is seated. The right portion of the lower end is set aside for the delicious warm, milky sweet rice kheer known as ‘Payasam’ which is always said to consume quickly to get all the aromatic flavors.

While the extreme top side of the banana leaf is set for a bit of salt, a thimble of salad, a scintilla of chutney and a bolt of pickle, the centre portion of the leaf is covered with different types of fried items like crunchy papads, vada, potato or yam, banana chips.

The right hand side of the banana leaf is set aside for the main aromatic dishes like curries. If it is a veg meal then the items consists of Brinjals, Gourds, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Drumsticks and Carrot.

The non-vegetarian meal comprises of fried chicken, crab, meat, fish etc.The curries and the fried ones are dished out simultaneously, one after the other.

You can also enjoy some of the most delicious after meal delicacies like ‘Puran Poli’ means sweet mixture of dal stuffed in to pancake which is fried in ghee, sweet rice also called as Pulisadam.Sweet rice has a special name in ‘Thanjavur’ which is known as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu,it is known as ‘Bisibela’.

The feast ends with a final round of curd and rice, and with nuts and betel leaves.

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