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Prehistoric item like fossils of Dinosaur eggs and similar objects of Jurassic era have been excavated from Tamil Nadu making the state a significant one for the study of archeology. It is expected that the Dravisiand who were the inhabitants of early Indus valley civilizayion migrated to South India during 1500 BC.

The medieval period in Tamil Nadu saw the upsurge of monarchy and conflicts between kingdoms were a common feature of the state during that time. During the mediaval times the state saw the emergence of three different kingdoms; Cholas, Pandyas and Cheras. The Cholas were prominent in East while the Pandya and Cheras ruled the central and Western part of Tamil Nadu. The kingdoms of these three dynasties were subject to war of expansion often and thus the borders of these three kingdoms kept changing as per the results of battles.

During the 7th or 8th century influences of Pallava dynasty became strong and it ruled the land for a substantial period of time. Contribution of the Pallava kings to the social and cultural life of the Tamilians is evident from the numerous Temples built during the Pallavas reign. The patronage of the arts by all the dynasties made the Dravidian civilization in south India immensely rich and helped to consolidate the civilization as well.

During 1640, advent of British was observed in Tamil Nadu and the British people negotiated to use Madraspatnam or Chennai as an important port for their trade. This initiated the use of Chennai as port by many other European opera which eventually led to conflicts. Finally, the whole of the land was ceded to British and Madras Presidency was formed. French powers also denominated a little part of Tamil Nadu that constituted Pondicherry and Karaikal regions.

The participation of Tamilians in India’s freedom struggle is a notable feature. In the year 1956 Madras presidency was rejected to form the present Tamil Nadu.

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