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Tamil Nadu Places to see TAMIL NADU MONUMENTS

Tamil Nadu is one of the 11th largest states in India, bordered by the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala and union territory of Puducherry. The state is bounded with Eastern Ghats in north, Palakkad, the Anamalai hills and the Nilgiri on west, Indian ocean on south, the Palk Strait and the gulf of Myanmar on south-east. Chennai is the largest and capital city of Tamil Nadu. The state is the 11th largest in India as per the area and 7th most populous according to population. In 2010, the state was the third larger contributor for India’s GDP and in 2006, it ranked 10th in Human Development. It is also considered as most of the urbanized state among others in India. This state has got highest number of entrepreneur and hence stands 2nd in overall total employment in India.

The land of Tamil is well known for its architecture, Temples, classical dance, Carnatic music, movies and delicious food. Most of the people here are Tamilians, but as this state is rich literacy, Tamilians spoke English as the secondary language. This is the place where real creativity is played in the hands of time. The state has got amazing monuments and thus attracts large number of tourists across the world. The south part of Tamil Nadu is embrace of Dravidian culture and thus can be easily distinguished with its unique customs and languages. You can see cultural icons every part of the state such as intricate carvings on rocks, memorial monuments, classical dance and evocative music. The monuments of Tamil Nadu are gems of architecture from the Dravidian Culture. The elaborate and delicate sculptures offer unique charm to the walls and ceilings that are worth to watch.

Large number of ancient monuments are been observed such as Memorial of Kamaraj House, Bharathiyar Illam, Vivekananda Illam, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Valluvar Kottam, War Cemetry, Senate House and Rippon Building. Each monument denotes artistic expression and exceptional example of Indo-Saracenic Style.

Padmanabhapuram Palace :

The palace is a magnificent wooden structured fort, located at Thiruvananthapuram, Tamil Nadu. As it is located in the mainland, Kanyakumari it has got major attraction following more crowd every year. This monument truly is a perfect example for those who are passionate about art, as the construction done on the Padmanabhapuram Palace is worth to watch. The indigenous architecture of monument pulls you back to the oldies, where people were crazy for carvings. These palaces take you in the Raja’s era, back in 1500 to 1750 AD. The antique interiors, intricate sculptured and outstanding rosewood carving on the barricade is worth to watch. The major highlight of the Padmanabhapuram Palace is the royal style of living including 14 rooms for cultural activities and 127 royal rooms. The balcony and performance rooms of the palace are the major attraction if we talk over all about the palace. The balcony is place from where the king used to give his public appearance to the villagers and cultural rooms was built for dance performance of royal women. Overall the Padmanabhapuram Palace reflects the beauty of the heaven bounded each and every corner of the palace.

Vivekananda Illam :

Vivekananda Illam originally is known as Ice House located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The place denotes the name of “Swami Vivekanand”, as he was the person who lived in Vivekananda Illam for nine days. He visited the Ice house in the year 1897. After that the owner of the Ice House, Biligiri Iyengar in the memory of Swami, renamed it to Vivekananda Illam. This was because he was the disciple of Swami and in the memory he started conducting few sessions that delivers various teachings for the people. It further became the symbol of teachings, culture and art wrapped inside the house. Biligiri Iyengar remodeled the Ice House in order to make it worth to watch for those who are disciple of Swami. Slowly, slowly, the Vivekananda Illam at present conducts various exhibitions, mediation classes, youth meetings and yoga classes.

Valluvar Kottam :

Valluvar Kottam is a remarkable monument in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The Kottam is built in the memory of Saint plus Philosopher “Thiruvalluvar”. He is an eminent person when we talk about the classical poet writers in Tamil. The Valluvar Kottam is a gravestone located at the intersection of Kodambakaam school and village road. The monument is 33 m tall and has got small fine carvings of stanzas poems on it. The edifice of the Valluvar Kottam is similar to the temple chariot that truly denotes the messages for cultural importance, artistic skills, living nature and emotional feelings. The Valluvar Kottam is embarked as the largest idol built by V. Ganapati Sthapati, a well known traditional architecture.

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