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Location : 64 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, Tamil Nadu.

Visiting Hours :
Except Mondays, 9am to 5 pm on all days.

The Padmanabhapuram Palace is a magnificent wooden fort situated near Thiruvananthapuram, Tamil Nadu. The palace is located at the end of the mainland Kanyakumari. It’s a perfect example for those who are lover of Architecture and art, as the edifice of the palace is worth to watch. It has got indigenous architecture that holds one of the best and old palaces from the Rajas period during 1500 to 1750 AD.  The interiors are antique and are stuffed with intricate sculptured décor and rosewood carvings. The palace also gets you acquainted with the 17th to 18th century murals. The palace is complex from inside offering old granite fortness of 4km long. This palace is positioned on the foot of hills, Veils on the Western Ghats.

History :

The Palace was constructed by Trippapur Moopam, who was the head of Dynasty Trippapur Swarupam who ruled over Padmanabhapuram for many years. The palace was built in 14th century by using mud in style of Nalukettu architecture dominated in Kerala. During the 18th century, the palace was again constructed by using granite in most of the corners of fort. This was ordered by the Anizham Thirunal, a well know king from Travancore by renaming the Padmanabhapuram. It is actually the prime deity of Travancore known as Padmanabhaswamy.

Architecture :

The Padmanabhapuram Palace is popular for its architectural marvel in the south as well as being the biggest wooden fort in Asia. The uniqueness of the castle lies in the subtle façade, intricately granite & wooden work and use of different styles inside. The Padmanabhapuram Palace is a prosperous cultural heritage that allows royal living styles, as it is bounded with 127 royal rooms and 14 cultural palaces within the fringe.

The palace received Mantrasala, an excellent place for the King’s Chamber arranged for council meetings; entirely build up with traditional touch offering coconut burned shells, egg whites and colored mica. The Mother of King palace is former one craved with carved pillars and sloping roofs, a truly masterpiece. The Natakshala is a huge hall where all royal performances were taken place in front of royal women. The room is furnished with granite flooring that adds beauty to the royal room. There are other various royal articles and artifacts of culture, which has got traditional importance by the Thekee Kotaram in the Southern Palace.

Attractions of Padmanabhapuram Palace :

The imperial balcony of the castle called as Ambarimukhappu is worth to see the view of the surroundings. It is said that the King of that era used this balcony for its public appearance to the villagers and also to watch all celebrations occurred in place.

The Mother Palace of King, Thaikottaram is polished with decorated ceilings, red floorings, carved pillars and open courtyard in the centre is a must to watch by the tourists. About 2km from the Padmanabhapuram Palace is the Charode palace, as secret exit for the king gives you the glimpse of dark pathway.  Another major attraction of the castle is the Navratri Mandapam, which has received carved pillars and flooring of reflective marble. This place was generally used for dance performances and is situated near Saraswati Temple.

This palace has informative Museum, where artifacts of 8th to 18th century are been stored. It includes murals, scriptures, coins, paintings and arms that generate curiosity to know more about the ancient culture took place in that era. The interiors carvings and wooden architecture of the Padmanabhapuram Palace reflects Chinese carvings used on the royal furniture.

Nearby Sightseeing :

Temple of Attukal Bhagvathy, Puthenmalika Palace, Museum Complex, Kovalam Beach, Karikakkom, Christ Church and Kannankanu Palace are few important sites nearby Padmanabhapuram Palace.

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