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Tamil Nadu Places to see TAMIL NADU MUSEUMS

At a Glance :

Capital City : Chennai

Regional Language : Tamil

Frame of : Southern Indian part's temple architecture

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of December till February

Tamil Nadu state is very cultural and historical; that why the ancient time had showed many elements to this land. Tamil Nadu state's Chennai city includes India's 2 biggest museums; one is National Art Gallery & Government Museum these prime museum of Tamil Nadu will help you to find the oldest civilization of this land. Museums of any state or place are a real wealth of that particular place; because only these structures store all the historical and ancient memory, which we can't see or experience at the current time. Even if India is diversified nation, still the museums are the only structures which preserve the things, which are connected to specific politics, History, Economy and religions. The land of the Tamil Nadu contains many ancient and essential antiquities, which you can see only in the museums of this state.

Government State Museum Chennai :

This one of the prime museum of Tamil Nadu state has been situated at Chennai city. This museum includes the range of Bronze gallery, Amaravati sculptures, apart from the articles and artifacts. Amaravati sculptures collection, which you will get to see consist the pillars, panels, white Buddha marble statue, carved railings that founded from the Amaravati's Buddhist stupas. One of the attractive and surprising aspect of this museum is bronze sculptures, available in the bronze gallery; this artifacts are belongs to the period of Hoyasalas, Cholas and also Chalukya.

Madurai Government Museum :

Tamil Nadu state's Maduarai region also contains a Government museum. This museum is a cultural structure of this state and also the neighboring regions. Madurai Government museum includes the various departments based on zoology, geology, anthropology, botany, archelogy & numismatology. Here also you will get to see nice range of bronze artifacts.

Fort St.George Museum, Chennai :

This one of the museum of the Tamil Nadu is known for the perseverance of paintings & portraits of Chennai's governor and also the English royalty. Apart from this here you also get to see the porcelain, coins, church's vessels and weapons etc.

Thanjavur Art Gallery :

In the ancient time, this Thanjavur Art Gallery was a palace; the owner of this palace was Thanjavur's Nayak and also the Vijayangara Empire's viceroy. This palace was constructed in the year of 1600. The museum itself is an example of elegant and delightful architecture structure. A huge compound adjoining the museum building; there is also Sangeetha Sabha & Saraswati Library inside the museum structure. The prime attractive feature of this museum is sculpture department; in this section you get to see stone sculptures of Southern Indian style, these sculptures are belongs to the period of Nayaka & Pallava.

Government Museum, Ooty :

Within this museum of Tamil Nadu state, you will get to see different artifacts of tribal community. Through the Government museum of Ooty, you will get the detailed ecological and numbers of sculptural crafts and arts on this state. During the year of 1989, this museum was established. The main motto behind the making of this museum is to serve the valuable information to tourist and local people of this region.

Silappathikaram Art Gallery :

The constructed structure of this museum is very graceful; represents the sculptural art. This museum's 1st floor is around twelve meter high and over this floor there is one more floor, it is around five meter high. In the stones of this museum, you will get to see the various panoramas of Sillappathikaram, this is a holy epic. You need to observe this museum with very sharp eyes because of the detailed work done by the artists. 

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