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Tamil Nadu is the home for the Dravidian tradition and Culture. Tamil Nadu’s culture has been evolved and developed since 2000 years and the culture is on its way to flourish. There are 3 great dynasties who took over the land of Tamil Nadu. They are namely, Pallavas, Pandyas and the Cholas who enjoyed the land and ruling over Tamil Nadu. These empires had played a major and most important role in enhancing the culture of the vibrant nature. During this period, Tamil Nadu has an influence in the literature, art and architecture.

The Carnatic Music and Bharatnatyam are the most important part of the culture of Tamil Nadu and in the similar manner the filter coffee and the traditional food items like Dosa and Idlis. In clothes, the Kanchipuram Sarees are the parts of very old heritage of Tamil Nadu. There are the majestic Temples and the grand architecture that has the exquisite bronze along with the Tanjore plates. Tamil belongs to the richest and the oldest languages to that of India. The literature of Tamil Nadu goes back to the Sangam Age. This is considered to be the golden period that lasted from 100 BC - 300 AD. This is amongst all the few languages of India that has their origin in an independent manner and not the part of Sanskrit. However, in the later century, Sanskrit influences the language of Tamil Nadu in case of vocabulary, grammar and the literary styles. Today, the Tamil Nadu has the rich literature that binds together the culture since from the period of Thirukkural and Tholkappiyam is basic language for many of the Tamilians.

Hinduism is the main religion for the people of Tamil Nadu. There are many Tamilians that follow Christian religion, Jainism, Buddhism and even Islam. Hinduism contains many caste and the sects. There is a blurred caste system in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is flourished through out the year with the blend of Carnatic Music that is known as Thyagaraja Festival. This festival is celebrated annually in January at Thirurvariyar that is land of birth for well known poet and singer Thyagaraja. Apart from this festival there are many other festivals they are celebrated in Diwali, Dusshera, Pongal and Holi feted in the state with many of the grandeur and gaiety.

Tamil Nadu has a very strong base for Religion and Ethnicity. They are involved in very versatile communities that have blended Tamil Nadu in outstanding success. The people reside here peacefully from all the religion right from Christians, Jains, to Islamic and Hindus. They mark their way to the further development. If the significance of the culture is noted, the origin of the ancient Dravidian community has flourished in its own way in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is considered to be an urban part of the India but still there are many areas in Tamil Nadu that comes under the rural position. These rural people are distributed in different creed and castes. Apart from this, the marking its beginning of globalization, this structure of the social environment of the villages is changing towards the development.

Tamil Nadu is an agricultural based region. The people of Tamil Nadu do earn their money from all the activities linked with agriculture. Handlooms and the handicrafts industry are some other sources with livelihood for the people in Tamil Nadu. There are also few metal works that makes the people of Tamil Nadu engaged.

The cities in Tamil Nadu are similar to that of the major cities but the villages do follow certain traits and their own tradition. There are many temples located inside the every village of the Tamil Nadu and is controlled and governed by the top class people residing on the land of Tamil Nadu - Brahmins.

Enhanced and enriched by the valuable contribution of the religious sects and ethnic group, the Tamil Nadu had promise to have a vibrant blend, elegance along with contemporary splendor.

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