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Situated : At the distance of 75 kilometers from (Chennai), Tamil Nadu

Known as : Spiritual centre of (South India).

Major Popular Temples Kanchipuram : Temple of Varadaraja, Temple of Ekambareshwar , Temple of Ulahalanda Perumal,Temple of Kamakshi Amman , Temple of Kumara Kottam, Temple of Kailashanathar.

Land of approximately (1000) Temples :

The Kanchipuram area is a tiny dwelling place located at a distance of 75 kilometers away commencing Chennai in Tamil Nadu State. The Mutt of Sankara present here is the most important for the people of Hindu religion where they perform all the rituals and religious activities of the temple. It is highly considered to be religious and hence known as the Spiritual Capital of (South Indian State). There are more than thousands of pilgrims visiting Kanchipuram from all over India.

Kanchipuram was ruled by the Pallavas from the sixth century to around eighth century and later came under the rule of Cholas, The Muslims, The Vijaynagar King and the Britishers. Kanchipuram is considered to be the centre of all activities including art and Culture, literature, learning for many years.The place, Kanchipuram has most amazing temple with the beautiful carvings and the Architecture is worth seeing that depicts the form of Dravidian Culture.

All the cities of India supports 1 of the 2 divisions that are from Hinduism Shaivism and Vaishnavism but the Kanchipuram has merged itself in both of the sects, separating it to (Vishnu Kanchi), all around the Temple of Varadaraja, and also (Shiva Kanchi) adjacent to Ekambareshwar (also pronounced as EkambareshwaTemple), Apart from this,the temple of Kamakshi Amman is erected in amid as a Shakti worship place.

The Temple of Kamakshi Amman :

There are three temples in India where the Divine Shakti is being adored. Kanchipuram adjudges the chief place amongst all the three places. In the similar manner, from all the 3 places which are situated at the Kanchipuram area, where Goddess Kamakshi being worshipped, Madurai is the place where Goddess Meenaakshi, is being adored, and Kashi, is the place where Visaalakshi is being worshipped.

The Temple of Kamakshi Amman is the main centre for complete religious actions in Kanchipuram. This place of worship is adjacent to the Sankara Mutt, even this temple was guarded by the Archeological Department or the Hindu Temples Department of the Tamil Nadu Government. This temple was constructed by the empire of Chola during Fourteenth century AD.

Chief tower of the Sanctum is plated in gold. It also has the significance of blonde Chariot in the Temple of Kamakshi Ammam. There is a convoy on every Friday in the evening around 7 pm of the golden chariot. This temple has the beautiful pictures in the Art Gallery depicting the stories and the past of Shankara Mutt and Sri Adishankaracharya.

Kailashnathar Temple :

Kailashnathar Temple is committed to God Shiva. This is considered to be 1 of the ancient temples constructed by ruler of Pallava known as Rajasimha Pallava also later accomplished by his Mahendra Verma Pallava during the Eigth century AD. This temple of Kanchipuram is considered to be one of the best and the premium instance of the well built architecture from (Southern India). The place of worship is located on the many stumpy enclosed houses at a distance of 1 kilometer to the western side of the civic hub.

If compared to the entire temple present in India, there is no other temple present with the entire sixty-four facets of God Shiva elaborated in such a beautiful manner. The place of worship is amazing for its structural design and is generally viewed as an constructional marvel rather than any pilgrim place or temple or divine consign that's why, the temple has very less crowd. But, there are huge crowds coming in thousand of number i.e. on the occasion of Shivaratri festivals and it takes many hours to reach and take the darshan of God by standing in long queue.

Temple of Ekambareshwar :

Temple of Ekambareshwar is highly committed to the Lord Shiva. This temple is considered to be 1 of the biggest place of worship in (Kanchipuram), covering a region of around (12.14 hectares). The temple was constructed around the 16th century with the help of massive stonewall during the period of Vijaynagar Empire.Temple of Ekambareshwar is an ancient antiquity. In the early period, the temple was very small fane but later it has full fledged into a massive one including innumerable Mandapams, Shrines, Tanks and Gopurams. The temple belongs since the ancient period in the country and have been into existence since Six Hundred AD. This has much significance one of them is, it has traditional and cultural value depicting the way of life of the people in Kanchipuram.

Kumara Kottam :

This is located amid the Ekambareshwar and Kamakshite temples located in the Kanchipuram and is constructed in the form of Somaskanda form. It’s a very well known temple and many of the pilgrims visit this place. It has parakramas and it’s a popular monument (Parivara Devatas) preserved in their own shrines. Murugu lies in a settled pretense in one of the sanctum. Deivayani, Valli are not present in this place, except their festivals deity are present here it is believed that according to his function, the pose of that is created is where the right arm can be seen in the pose of Abaya, the rosary is found in the upper hands and the left hand specially the lower part was in found on the second joint in the appearance of kaityavailambita pose by means of the left side arm carrying Kamandalam. This pose is popularly known as “Brahma Chattam”. Honey, is the only thing which has been used for the ablutions. After worshipping in the temple, when you are out, idols of the festivals can be seen .There lies a mirror room in the facade of the place of worship where there is a marble idol situated of Ramallinga Swamigal.

Varadataja Temple :

The Varadraja temple is the most important temple that includes the shrines of Sree Vaishnavites, which is also popular as “Hastigiri” and is amongst the one celebration of Vaishnava Divya Desams positioned in the “Little Kanchi” or “Vishnu Kanchi”. Actually the temple is called as "Attiyuran". One of the most important diety in this temple, “Varadaraja Perumal” who is in gesture facing towards western side and the idol present in this temple is called as "Devaraja", "Deva Perumal", "Perarulalan", "Athiyooran" and "Pranatharthihara". Varadraja temople is simply superb and has the beautiful carving and very well constructed architecture. The history of the temple is connected in the midst of Sri Ramanuja, had served on this place. It has been said, that this temple had many stories of miracles. It is then this fane got fame and people started worshipping here.

Temple of Ulahalanda Perumal :

Temple of Ulahalanda Perumal is located at a distance of 1/2 km away as of the middle close to the temple of Kamakshi Amman. Marking its presence in the heart of the township is a very ancient temple of Kanchipuram. The idol which lies in the Temple of Ulahalanda Perumal is a manifestation of God Vishnu which was purposely undertaken in order to hoard the life of Devas from an evil spirit Known as (Mahabali God). The idol was Ulahalanda Perumal portrays a massive image of around Thirty five feet far above the ground.

Fiestas Fêted In Kanchipuram :

The major fiestas fêted in Kanchipuram town are Kamakshi Ammam Festival in February; Mahashivaratri fiesta at the temple of Kailashanatha in (February); Brahmotsavam at Temple of Varadaraja in( May); Panguni Uthiram at Ekambareshwara temple in (March-April); Garuda Sevai at the temple of Varadaraja in June; Float fiesta at Temple of Varadaraja in (February and November).

Place for Accommodation :

Moderate class lodges, hotels and even choultries are available in Kanchipuram.

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