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Tamil Nadu Places to see MAHABALIPURAM TEMPLES

Overview :

Name : Mahabalipuram

State : Tamil Nadu

District : Kancheepuram

Famous :
Temples Beaches

Best Season : November to March

Altitude : 12 m

Pin code : 603104

STD Code : 044

Religion and Spirituality in India is synonymous with the culture and Heritage of this country. Our vast history has produced some of the most intricate relics, the world has ever seen. This is more so in the southern parts of the Country which is known for its majestically designed Temples. One such temple in India is the Mahabalipuram temple of Tamil Nadu.

Today people from all over India and across the globe come to this wonderful place in order to get a glimpse of the Mahabalipuram mystic Architecture as well as get a taste of life in Ancient India.

The city of Mahabalipuram was the 2nd Capital city of the Pallavas. It was a famous Sea Port in the 7th century AD of the Pallava Dynasty. During the reign of the Pallava king Narsimhan the name was changed from Mahabalipuram to Mamallapuram derived from the word Mamalla which means ‘great wrestler’ as the Pallavas were quite fond of wrestling as a sport. The city’s landscape was introduced to new forms of architecture during the Pallava dynasty and is referred to by many People today as an open museum.

The Temples of Mahabalipuram are considered to be a symbol of the south Indian style temples. The carvings of these Rock cut temples portray the events of the Mahabharata.

Mahabalapuram is a famous Pilgrimage site for many Indians especially Hindus. The Temple architecture of the company may include sites such as monolithic places such as:

Varaha Cave Temple : A small rock cave temple which dates back to the early 7th century. This temple has a Pallava Door Keepers at the front of the Mandapa and the walls have at least four large sculpted panels. The panel in the North depicts Vishnu as Varaha holding up Bhumi the Earth Goddess.
Pancha Rathas : These five pyramidal structures are named after the five Pandavas Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Yudishtir. The amazing aspect about these structures is that it is not assembled. In fact  the whole structure has been carved out of single Stone.

Arjuna Penance :
As per Indian mythology the figure of bas relief who is standing on leg is none other than Arjuna one of the five Pandavas who is standing in austerity in order tobe blessed by Lord Shiva.

The Shore Temple :
This temple is situated at the very tip of the Bay of Bengal and at high tide the waves gush in to the walls. The sculptures have been eroded by the waves and winds for the more than millennia.

There are at 3 shires to the shore Temple of which is one is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the other 2 are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

These religious sites attract a large number of devotees and tourists from all across India and from the globe. These sites played a significant role in making Mahabalipuram one of the major pilgrimage places of the world.

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