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Tamil Nadu Places to see TAMIL NADU RIVERS AND LAKES

Tamil Nadu is decorated with many of the rivers that facilitate the water and opportunity to get into the various activities like fishing, boating, agriculture and other activities. Tamil Nadu is a well flourished state and the credit goes to the rivers passing through this state.

Bhavani River :

River Bhavani is considered to be the second largest river that flows across Tamil Nadu in South India. The Bhavani river runs along 217 kilometer that flows through out the year. It is fed by the annual south west monsoon wind and again is supplemented with the north east monsoon.

The headwaters of the rivers are located on the eastern slopes of Western Ghats that lies in the Attappadi Reserve Forest. This forest is situated in the district of Palakkad of Kerala and to that of Kunda hills in the southwest corner to that of Nilgiri Hills.

Kaveri River :

Kaveri can also be pronounced as Cauvery is one of the holy rivers that belongs to Tamil Nadu and lies in South India. It has its origin from the Brahmagiri Hills from the Western Ghats to the South western part of Karnataka. It runs around 475 miles through the state of Tamil Nadu and flow in the direction of south east of around 475 miles i.e. 765 kilometers through the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It starts with a small pond known as Kundike Pond. After that, Sujyoti and the Kanake are the tributaries that join the river. The point at which they all meet is well known as Bhagamandala. It is placed at an altitude of about 1350 meters and it flows from south direction towards the east. The main tributaries of River Kaveri is Shimsha River, Lokpavani river, Bhavani River and Amravati River.

Pulicat Lake :

Pulicat Lake is located at the distance of 60 kilometers away from Chennai through Ponneri. It is one of the brackish and second largest lake found in India where as Chilka from the Orissa stands first. It lays the border of Nellore district from Tamil Nadu and Thiruvallur district from Tamil Nadu. Shriharikota, a famous island separates the Bay of Bengal from the lake.

These rivers distributed on the land of Tamil Nadu are unique and most of them are perennial through out the year. They decorate the land and provide water to Tamil Nadu and the neighboring state through out the year.

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