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Tamil Nadu Places to see HOGENAKKAL

Situated at : Samel in Tamil Nadu.

Major Part of : River Cauvery.

Major Attraction : A vertical drop from 20 mts. Height along with the Thundering Sound.

Hogenakkal Means : Smoking Rock in Kannada.

This is amongst the amazing waterfall that lies in Tamil Nadu. It is located at a distance of about 114 kilometers from Salem and around 133 kilometers away from Bangalore. It is one of the parts of the Kaveri and is situated above 250 meters from sea level. The most important part of this waterfall is its flow from the high hills descending down from the height of about 250 kilometers from the sea level which created a thundering sound and gives amazing effect to the place. It is the place full of fun and enthusiasm with the nature surrounded by the mountains. Hogenakkal provides the beautiful holiday in comfort.

The water of the Kaveri drains itself from the dense forest providing water to the herbs while having its journey. It is believed that taking a bath in the water is considered to be very holy and good for the health as it contains many medicinal herbs. The magnificent craggy mountain has a picturesque view in and around the waterfall. This waterfall is very useful for treks and walks. Along with the waterfall you can also visit the huge tera cotta village guardians, the Aiyanars while taking the journey to the Hogenakkal.

The Smoking Rock :

The broad stream of the River Kaveri gets cleft at this mark. This forms an isle from which one small stream continues on it and plunges in the profound chasm to make it as the most beautiful waterfalls that result into forming a rock which is known as Hogenakkal that means “Smoking Rock” in Kannada.

The water flowing from the river Kaveri drains from the edge of the plateau at a distance of 250 kilometers to the plains. It has its journey to the wooded valley, merging and splitting and again gets split into the attractive waterfalls are very well known amongst the visitors after visiting the temple of Tamil Nadu.

A Ride In The Coracles At Hogenakkal :

This is also known as basket boats and are in the form of the circular vessels which are known as Coracles that have cane frames packed in black plastics or in the buffalo hide. They are very similar to the black mushrooms, piling against the trees or driving their growth on the river bank.

When the level of the river is rising, the dark rocks found here are submerged and are not visible. But if you visit this palce in February, then it is the most favored month to go there and have fun with the reverie spa, the journey will be very safe and with no problems. Coracles found here are amongst the very oldest and the successful types of the watercraft all around the world. It is comforting thought when you are taking the journey of saucer like device.

There is also an oil massage in the treat that is provided by the Hogenakkal’s. The masseurs or the Malishkarans are amongst the professional that has lubricated with the powder, oil and 14 different massage points from the human body. All the visitors have experienced this that once visited in this massage centre, it gives the immense feeling of being rejuvenated after having the journey of the slabs of the rocks followed with the bath by bath with hot water that too under the cascade of the water from the river Kaveri.

Where to Stay :

Hogenakkal has very inadequate accommodation available. There are few tourists’ bungalows and the rest houses for the tourist are run by the state tourism development corporation.

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