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Tamil Nadu Places to see GUINDY NATIONAL PARK

Fast Facts :


Located At : Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Faunal Attraction : Occurrence of Indian Antelope

Includes : A Snake Park and A Children's Park

Famous As :
A Picnic Spot

A very famous place for picnic especially during the vacation is located at Chennai. A very well known place for the entire family to go and enjoy the fun with nature is the best place for the picnic. This national Park is embraced with the children park along with the snake park.

Guindy National Park is the beautiful blend of flora and fauna. Here, it carries the unique kind of dilapidated vegetation that represents the thorny jungle of the scrub dry region of the southern India. This sanctuary contains more than 30 species of trees that include the old huge dappled banyan tree. This sanctuary holds the pot mouth for lakes, ponds, footpaths, roads, nature’s trail all situated at one spots is the best way to interact with the nature. The nature lovers feel affection for this place and have regular visit to this sanctuaries. This sanctuary offers you the nest view of nature through its wildlife.

Historical Background of the Park :

Going back and looking at its Historical Background, the Guindy National Park was famous as Hunting Park. It was under the British Citizen named Gilbert Rodericks. In 1817, the owner of this place died with heavy property heavily mortgaged.

In 1821, this land was purchased by the Government of Madras at the amount of Rs. 35,000 or 10,000 pagodas. Pagodas were the gold currency used to trade at that period. In the later period during 1910 the government declared this place as a reserved forest.  In 1947, this place turns out to be the permanent residence of the Governor which is known as Raj Bhavan. The place is around 400 hectares.

Under the permission of our Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, this small portion of this area was considered to be children’s park. Later it was handed to the Forest Department in 1958. The near by land was allocated for Gandhi Mandapam (1954), IIT (1961), Guru Nanak Educational Society (1970), Rajaji Memorial (1974), Kamaraj Memorial (1975) and Cancer Institute (1977).

Fun with Flora and Fauna :

Guindy park is bestowed with the an array of 24 different trees namely Amona Squamosa, Feronia Limonia, Atlanta Monoplylla, Azadirachta India etc. In addition to this 14 range of shrubs are found in this park.
The main attraction in the Guindy National Park is the arrival of the rare and unique Indian Antelope which can be seen only in India and no where else in the world. This Indian Antelope is also famous as ‘Black Buck’. Well this is not enough, in order to add fun to visit, the park also has 14 types of mammals namely, Antelope, Jungle Cat, Indian Civet, Toddy Cat, Elephant, Spotted Dear, etc.

The parks is decorated with the varied range of birds like King Fisher, Golden Backed Woodpecker, Yellow Wattled Lapwing, Blue Faced Malkoha, Koels, Minivets, Barkets, Grey Partridge, Robins, Quails, Flycatcher, Stone Curlew, Blue Jay, Crow Pheasant, Red Wattled Lapwing, Shrikes, Doves, Munias, Parakeets, Tailor Birds, Drongos, Beak Paradise, and so on. Even the amphibians are available in snake parks.

Where to Stay :

Chennai, capital city of the state Tamil Nadu has amenities and facilities to accommodate ranging from economic to luxurious standard of living.

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