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Goa preserves its pristine beauty with serene atmosphere, plethora of beaches, extravagant churches and long stretches of greenery. Goa is probably the first choice of most holiday goers in India. Internationally famed tourist spot, Goa, houses all the necessary fun and frolic that you wish to have in a vacation. The place opens its door to numerous water sports that you haven’t yet heard of. The embracing waves of every beach in Goa have a different sound and a different charm to offer. The natural beauty of beaches is majestic, but with provisions of beach shacks you can get closer to the roaring sea. Goa is undoubtedly a hub for water sports as numerous water sport facilities are available at the beaches. The water spot in Goa has many faces as one can find fishing zones and scuba diving zones also. A planned visit to Goa can help tourists to enjoy almost every water sport in the state.

The beaches are not only the treasure of Goa as tourist reserve a substantial time of Goa vacation to visit churches. The churches of Goa are evidences of the level of affluence attained by the Christion missionaries in this territory. The churches display extensive baroque and renaissance style of construction, which are typically found in Europe. The high state of preservation of these ancient churches is a matter of astonishment to visitors. The most celebrated church of Goa is Basilica of Bom Jesus. The glory of the church is no’t limited on its spectacular architecture, and extends to the enshrined mortals remains of St. Francis Xavier. This is the most visited church of Goa so far and has earned national accolades for its construction. Other churches in Goa have their own unique feature that draws attention of tourists.  For instance, St. Catherdral church is the largest one of its kind and its sheer size is a matter of amazement. St. Cajetan church in Old Goa kindles a curious myth by the large water tank it houses in the middle of the church. To much of a tourist’s surprise, the temples of Goa also make a mark in the state. The temples narrate a tragic saga about Hinduism, which struggled for existence after the arrival of Portuguese.

Manmade wonders in Goa will amaze you beyond churches as the forts are edifices of Portuguese gallantry. Among all the gigantic structures of forts in Goa, Aguada fort has a special significance. Situated in Panaji, this renowned fort stands as pillar of Portuguese success as it remained unconquered during the long rule of Portuguese. The visit to Aguada fort becomes enthralling with dolphin trips organized near to this fort.

The coastline of Goa has many surprises beyond the golden beaches. The costal edges take tourists to jaunty sights pf waterfalls. The wildlife reserve of Goa cannot be overlooked by its naturally bountiful beaches and waterfalls. You can add adventure to your leisure vacation in Goa by planning for a safari in the wildlife park. Unusual wild creatures can be witnesses in the sanctuaries of Goa and when you are amidst the core area of Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary, your wish to ultimate adventure will be fulfilled.

You might dream of visiting beaches, forts and all other places of tourist’s interest in one trip. Although Goa has a lot to offer to a tourist and completing it in one go is not possible, yet the tour packages nowadays manage tactfully and you can have your wish fulfilled.

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