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Ever dreamed of flying in the air like a free bird???? Not to worry as the recreational activity of beach parasailing is just for you. Beach Parasailing is a very energetic and thrilling water sport in Goa. This is said to be very addictive, as you cannot resist yourself from doing it once. Though this sport appears to be life threatening but all the necessary precautions is taken into consideration.

Parasailing are of two types winch boat parasailing and beach parasailing. The whole technique are the same but only the landing technique differs as in beach parasailing one lands on the beach and in winch boat parasailing one lands on the boat.

Beach parasailing includes the person is clinged to a harness which is a attached to long lasso .The speed boat swings at a high speed elevating the person in the air. In this sport, the person is not in command of the parachute so this sport is most of the time considered to be dangerous.

Best Season :

The best season for indulging for this sport is from October-January.

Places Offering :

Majorda Beach, Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach and Anjuna Beach.

Moreover, the hotels like Taj Resort, Bogmallo Resort provides with excellent equipments, and also training is provided to the members of these hotels .So if you are planning to stay in these hotels do not miss the opportunity. Tourist who wants to learn parasailing other than the one staying in these hotels can contact various government and non government organization.


Tips :

  • Check your lasso as well as the harness twice before the take off.

  • Do not panic as it can result in disaster.

  • Those scared from heights should avoid trying this sport.

  • And also see to it that there are two people riding as driver can panic doing two tasks keeping an eye on you and riding the boat.

  • It is always encouraged to try this sport as it gives you a feeling of freedom just like a bird.


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