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The look, the ambience, and the surroundings -These determine the atmosphere of the place. Added to this, the people, their lifestyle and the culture that they follow is something to reckon with when we discuss about a place. Any place is determined by the traditions it follows, the history it has and the past that it has lived. This is the same with every place all over the world. India is a land of diverse cultures. The sweetness of each place in India can be savored by absorbing each and every aspect of Indian culture.


Thus as we enter Goa, the city of Churches, we expect a certain amount of difference in culture. However, whether it is north or south, east or west, plains or plateau, forests or deserts, India has one common thread binding it to the rest of the world - the thread of history behind every place. Goa too has its own history and its own past.


With the sandy beaches and the amazing blue waters, with the scenic beauty as its mainstay and tourist spots as its livelihood, this quite town of Goa suddenly springs into activity during evenings. The red tiled roofs, the immaculate construction, the beautiful balconies, the modern culture, the traditional cuisine and the local markets all make Goa the tourist’s paradise. Goa to a tourist is the ultimate haven for pleasure and activity. Away from the hubbub of daily routine and freed from the bondage of responsibilities Goa offers the unique feature of feeling free and this freedom is something that has to be experienced to be believed.


The city of Panaji shows a dignified pride being the capital of Goa and the locals in Goa go out of the way to make the tourist feel at home. The sudden welcome that we get as we get down either at the railway stating or the airport is something remarkably nostalgic. The Goan Music is infectious as is the cuisine delicious. With the sun setting in the background there are innumerable places in Goa where the tourist can gorge in delicious seafood. With its unique constructions, the city of Goa has the Mediterranean touch, which is so reminiscent of the historical past.


The cities in Goa like Vasco Da Gama, Mapusa, Margao and the beaches like Miramar ensure that the tourist is not left disappointed. The present Government Secretariat is located along the river. It was built over the place where the palace of Adil Shah was built. Adil Shah was the ruler of Bijapur. The city square is dominated by the The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. The zig sagging winding steps are a sight to behold. There is the Old Latin quarter of Fontainhahas, which has a charm, which takes us to the old world. The little lanes in Goa and the stairways going up the hill have quiet, modest and intriguing houses along the street. The little Chapel of San Sebastian merges with the quietness and serenity of the place and Goa blooms into beauty with each of its specific structures. There is the Kala Academy, which is the focus of as cultural activities. This is a beautifully designed complex lying along the river. Very close by is the Miramar Beach. The major commercial centre of Goa is Margao. This has some very beautiful old houses and churches. Vasco Da Gama and Mormugao are also ports, which lie close by. Mapusa is a town with a lot of beauty. It is an active place when it has its local Friday market.


In this way, Goa is a place to be when a person wants to totally unwind himself. The ambience, the background, the scenery, nature at its best and the experience is so ecstatic that it takes a long time for people to come back to normal after a visit to Goa.


As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day and Goa was built for an eternity.”

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