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Goa Places to see CANACONA

Canacona – A tete a tete with the city

Also known as :

Location :
Western India, Southern Goa

Best time to visit :
November to February

Local Transport :
Auto rickshaws, buses, hired taxis.

Souvenirs :
Handicrafts, clothes, shell articles

Places to see :
Pololeum, Chaudi, Agonda, Margao, Vasco – Da- Gama, Panjim

The Tale of the City

This region of Canacona or Konvapuram, was once a part of the regions of the Kingdom of Soonda. It was a residue of the majestic and powerful Vijaynagar Empire of Hampi. In 1791 there was a treaty signed between the Raja of Sund and the Portuguese . Canacona was the last of the territories to be taken in by the Novas Conquistas. This place has retained a Hindu impact. Hyder Ali of Mysore, took over the kingdom. At this time, the king gave up all the remaining territory to the Portuguese. In 1794, Canacona was annexed to Goa.

Canacona – Rendezvous with Canacona


Tourists are interested to see a region which gives them relief and relaxation. Situated in the southernmost region of Goa, Canacona, the quiet heaven is a tourist’s paradise and a traveler’s haven. The beaches, picturesque locales, lovely hills, exquisite landscape, and clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, all set the picture for a perfect holiday spot. The ambience is electric and the atmosphere pure, the surrounding is calm and the greenery cooling. With all this in tow, a traveler coming to Canacona would feel blessed to have a getaway in this amazing expanse of sand stretched sun kissed nature.


Canacona – Travel kitty


The greenery around, the virgin ambience and the idyllic sand stretch make the tourist unwinds completely and very soon, he is inhaling the air of relaxation and retreat in Canacona. This place is actually not touched by the culture of tourism in Goa and thus is regarded as a virgin beach. A person coming here could collect this main travel kitty. Besides this, the beaches are lined with shops selling local articles, which include shell articles, handicrafts, toys, clothes, beachwear etc all of which make a superb collection of travel kitty.


Canacona – Joie de vivre in this city


With a unique capacity to attract tourists with its mesmerizing scenery, this southernmost taluka of Goa, with its capital at Chaudi has recently shown a lot of activity and tourism. Agonda beach, Palolem Beaches are competing these days with other popular beaches like Anjuna and Calangute. Besides this, there is the wildlife sanctuary Cotiago that is a major reason for attraction. The jungles of the Sahyadris and the coves along the beaches forming a string of pearl necklace like adornment, this stretch of golden sand is made to look more beautiful with the amazingly indented coastline. Besides, the laterite headlands coupled with the mammoth pile of boulders enhance the raw beauty of this region and is making Canacona a beach to reckon with. A person coming here would see the following :

Temples :

Shri Mallikarjun Temple : Situated at Canacona, this temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun. This deity is supposed to be an incarnation of the Indian god Lord Shiva. This was built sometime in the 16th century and was again renovated in the 17th century. The main feature of this temple is that it has more than 60 deities of many gods and goddesses here. The immensely majestic wooden pillars, with their exquisitely carved designs, are stupendous to look at and give the place its royal look. Rathasaptami is a festival celebrated in this temple. This festival is celebrated in February. There is also another festival called the Shigmo, which is celebrated in the month of April.


Monuments :

Shree Sanusthan Gokarn Parhagali Jeevotham Math :
Situated in Parthagali, this math in the Canacona taluka is a math of the Gaud Saraswat community. It was founded in 1474 by Swamiji Shreemad Narayanateertha. This Math is managed by the Swamiji. There has a lineage of 23 Swamijis until now. There is a Banyan tree in the compound of the Math, which is revered as a Tapasya Kshetra or a Meditation Area. This is the place where it is believed you can see your inner self by meditating. This compound area does not have many temples.

Jeevottam Partagal Math :

This is a place that is popular for its studies in Vedic matters. The Kunbi and the Velip are two tribal communities here that still inhabit this region. They live in the forest area of the sanctuary.

Sanctuary :


The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary : This is the second largest wildlife reserve in Goa. It is filled with green woods, and wildlife species of various kinds. This lies 10 km southeast of Chaudi and was established in 1969. This was built to protect a remote and sensitive area of forest in the border of the states of Goa and Karnataka. This deciduous expanse is an 86 km stretch and is surely a nature lover’s weakness. There are no tigers or leopards seen in the sanctuary. However, animals like monkey, gaur, wild boar, sloth bears, gazelles, porcupines, panthers and hyenas are found here.

Beaches :

Pololem Beach : This lies 2 km from the capital of Canacona, Chaudi. It is often a main feature in many Goa tourism brochures. This has featured the most in all the advertisements regarding Goa. The beauty here is enthralling that most of the tourists choose this as their favorite spot.


Cavelosim Beach : This stretch of beach land lies 11 km south of Colva Beach. It is believed to be the last major settlement in the southwest Salcette. The serene calm atmosphere here sets the pace for a perfect holiday.

Agona Beach : This is located 10 km from Chaudi on the north side. This is reached only through a road, which connects Cabo De Rama with Chaudi. The NH14 highway connects this road. The main feature of this beach is the stretch of Todi trees. The scenic beauty here is mesmerizing.


Fort :


Fort Cabo de Rama : The name of this fort comes from Lord Rama. This Indian God is believed to have spent a certain portion of his banishment here. The Portuguese took over this fort from the Soonda king. After this, the Portuguese lost the fort . It was not until 1763 that they could take control of it. After this, the Britishers took over the fort. Down the ages, the fort has not lost its grandeur but is not in the splendid condition it used to be in. A trek up the fort gives a beautiful sight and one can see the blue sea from the distance. There is a chapel inside the fort. This chapel is still in use. All in all, a visit to this fort is a must as it takes you to another land , another place and the tourist gets completely satiated with adventure, excitement, pleasure and nostalgia when he comes here.


Fresh Water Springs :


Puroner Fresh Water Springs : This is situated in the area, which belongs to the Prabhu Gaonkar family. The water from this spring was earlier used for irrigation in the vast expanse of their property. Now, one can visit this spring and have a bath in the fresh spring water. Well water is also available here. Many believe that the water has a lot of medicinal value.


Gogel Fresh Water Springs : This has absolutely crystal clear water. The beauty of this spring is that the water has so much of freshness that a tourist would never have enough of splashing his face with this water. Therefore, the ideal thing to do would be just mindlessly jump in and have fun in the water here.


Cities :


Chaudi : This lies 33km to the south of the City of Margao. This is the capital of Canacona. This is situated on the Panjim Mangalore highway. This is the junction point for road transport. It is a preferred halt because it is near the Palolem beach. Buses, taxis and auto rickshaws are busy here carrying tourists to and fro. While buses take them long distance, the local transport carts the tourists to the other small places of site seeing and retreat.


Canacona, the tourist’s paradise in this manner is a legend in itself. Added to it there is the legend behind it that the region was absolutely a forest area earlier. There was a sage called Konovmuni who came here for meditating,. Many other sages had also meditated here and passed through. However, after Konovmuni came, this land came to be named after him as Konvapuram. This said the place definitely exudes a lot of serenity and calm. A person must come here, unwind and rest his soul and go back a refreshed person.


As the saying goes, “A healthy mind is a healthy soul – Unleash the real you here in Canacona.”




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