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The attitude of Goa is very  happy and cheerful; it gives a feel of everyday fiesta in Goa. Goan’s always have a motive to celebrate. Because of such variation of different periodical culture, you can feel several aromas and flavor while celebrating the Goan festivals. Celebrations are related with festivals. Dancing and singing are a major part of the festivals. In festivals all people come out of their house, in exciting attires and get blended in the pleasure of festival. Visit Goa in the festive season, and you will surely feel fresh and lively.

At the beginning of February - March, you will find the fortitude of fun and merriment of Carnival. As a Portuguese tradition, Goan’s celebrate carnival through dance performances, delicious food, uproarious festivities, euphonic music and float parades etc. the duration of festivities are three days; governed by King Momo in all the chief Goa towns. Goa celebrates other festivals also; as Goa has a mixed culture. Like Shimago festival; be a part of this festival and experience the different colors of the festivals. You can have a look at the beautiful execution of Hindu mythology. The feast of St. Francis Xavier is the biggest Christian festival, held on December 3rd, Old Goa where around thousands of Devotees  attend from all parts of the world . The unique feature of the festival is, it is a nice fusion of western and Oriental cultures and also the predominantly oriental music and western movements.

Over 365 days, Goa celebrate festivals, not only the Portuguese traditional festivals but also the ritual. The Sao Joao is an attention-grabbing monsoon festival; in this the villagers throw themselves into drenched wells through monsoon. People explain this festival with an allusion to St. John, the Baptist, who jumped in his mother's womb, when Mary had come to meet his mother. After the Monsoon, when rain washes the area and red mud it gives a true look; the Chikhalkala festival takes place in front of the Temple of Devaki Krishna in Marcela in Ponda Taluka. If you get a chance to see this celebration, then don't miss it; you will be amazed by seeing that people apply oil over their body and indulge in traditional games that are played in mud.

One more amazing thing of Goa is, it is only place despite Rome, which has the annual Procession through All Saints. Not only the developed cities of Goa participate in the occasions but also the villages enjoy their life during festive days. 6th January is the propitious day for 3 villages of Cansaulim, Reis Magos & Chador that celebrate the 'Journey of Three Kings' -who came with gifts for BabyJesus. The most appreciable thing about Goa festivals are all communities take participation in each others festival.

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