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Goa Places to see GOA CARNIVAL

Fast Facts :

Situated : All across Goa,India

Time : In the month of February

Implication : Precedes the period of Lent’s fasting

The carnival of Goa is identical with Goa’s nature and is also the expression of typical high-spirited Goa.Mainly a inheritance of the Portugal period, the carnival of Goa has exceeded the limits of its spiritual roots.The Goa Carnival is one of the innumerable fairs held in various places of the globe that precede the forty days self-discipline era of Lent.

Goa Carnival commences for 3 days and arrangements for this multicolored show begins, prior to 3 months.When “THE DAY” comes, an insurrection of merriment and colors overwhelms the state of Goa with intricate parades winding throughout the lanes. At the onset “King Momo also known as the “king of chaos” is selected and therefore he escorts the procession that features beautiful floats and dance troupes.

The carnival of Goa procession is a breathtaking sight around an overwhelming collection of actions. Masked merrymakers’ boogying to live music of band and elaborately bedecked drifts are the things to see in this enthralling celebration.

The Goa Carnival concludes with the renowned dance of (Red-and-Black) and is organized by Panaji’s Clube Nacional. As the years have passed, the carnival of Goa has moved towards exemplifying the finest solitary Culture of Goa. During this carnival, visitors from all across the globe hop into this state for a taste of the wealthy inheritance of this state.

The nature and the origins of the festival can be deciphered to the untamed feast of very old Greece and Rome. In addition, it is significant to make a note that some of the festivals commenced in the Portuguese and Spanish colonies are steadily recognized for their festivities.

In India,(carnival) Festival is feted only in the state of Goa. With the freedom of Goa, the celebration also got restoration and this has helped this state to overpower the tourism sector. To experience the enchantment, and amusement of the carnival of Goa you are required to be a part of this amazing event.

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