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The Forts of Goa attracts a large number of tourists every season. Goa is mostly popular for its breath-taking beaches. But beyond the sand and sea of Goa, there are other places of interest too. And Forts of Goa are one among them. These forts will show you the legacy of Portuguese conquerors who once ruled Goa.

The Forts of Goa were built with distinguished architecture to make them immensely tough. These tough forts cannot only withstand the adverse climatic conditions but they can also stay unaffected from the hostile attacks of enemies. Every fort of Goa will show you the tough construction when you look closely at the walls and interiors.

With the end of the Portuguese reign in Goa, the forts were subject to severe negligence. This caused dilapidation of several forts all over Goa. Later, some of the forts were renovated to preserve the rich legacy of Portuguese emperors.

Some of the famous forts of Goa are listed below :

Aguada Fort : This wondrous edifice stands at Bardez Taluka in North Goa district. The location of this fort has stratigical significance since it has been built at the estuaries of the Mandovi River. One can have a bird’s eye view of the entire estuary from the top of the fort. This shows how intelligently it was constructed to fend off all the attacks from the sea.

Cabo Da Rama Fort : This fort is located at Canacona taluka in South Goa. This fort is made different from  the rest of the citadels of Goa by the tale from which it derives its name.It is believed that Lord Rama took shelter in this fort while he was in exile with his wife. That is why the name “Rama” is attached with this fort’s name.

Reis Magos Fort : This magnificent fort was built during 1551 AD and is situated in a village named Reis Magos. This ponderous structure was originally constructed during the reign of Sultan Adil Shah. Later on it was seized by the Portuguese rulers. You can see all the details of the fort’s construction easily since it is the most well-preseved forts of Goa.

Terekhol Fort :
This fort was once of great importance to the Portuguese rulers of Goa. It served as a sole and strong defense to them for protecting the coastlines of Terekhol river from invading attacks.

History : Portuguese conquerer Albuquerque sought to conquer more territories in Goa. And to accomplish his mission he and all other conquerors led by him started to build magnificent forts in Goa.

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