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Goa is a colorful state of the India, each aspect of this state is special and unique; that’s why huge numbers of tourist always visit the Goa. Goa is like a shining diamond of India, which attracts tourists and fun loving people from all around world. Goa state is not less than any foreign magnificent place, but still it has preserved its historical identity. Numbers of empire like Western Kshatrapas, Bhojas, Karwar's Chutus, Maharashtra' Abhiras, Kalachuris's Konkan Mauryas, Rashtrakutas and Badami's Chalukyas have ruled Goa state during the ancient time. But more than these rulers, the Portuguese ruled over this golden land for a long period; Portuguese defeated the entire dynasties who were ruling Goa in 1510. In the twenty first century the significances of Portuguese dynasty are present here. Goa got the freedom from Portuguese after India's independence. The culture of Goa had been dominated by the Portuguese and still the dominance is available in this state's culture. You can see the old mansions that have been constructed by Portuguese like Solar Dos Colaos mansion, Salvador Da Coasta mansion, Vivian Coutinho mansion and Mascarenhas mansion etc are the magnificent architectural structure.

The Culture of Goa is an expression of lots of aspects like numbers of rulers, Portuguese, festival, tribes, different religions, customs, traditions, beliefs, deities etc. The life of the Goa's tribes is a real culture of this land. Dance and music are two prime factors of the Goan culture, without these two aspects the picture of Goa's culture won't complete. The population of Goa contains majority of Hindu and Christian religions, due to that you will get the opportunity to celebrate both religion's festivals. The essential festivals of Goa are Easter's festival, Feast of Three Kings, traditional festivals of Hindu and very much important and one of the attraction is Goa festival.

Goa is smallest state among the states of India, but it has the capacity to serve the fun and joy to entire the world. This one of the prime destination of India is situated on India's southern western side, within the Konkan region. Due to Konkan region's long stretched sea, land of the Goa got the glory. It is located on favorable place that’s why it is having sunny and pleasant weather conditions. You will get to see pure and delightful beauty of the Goa during the Monsoon season. The look of this state becomes dazzling and eye pleasant in the monsoon season. Because of the weather pattern of Goa also people give first preference to this tourist spot.

When you will visit the Goa, there will not be a single moment when you will feel bore, because it contains all the facilities and sources to entertain you. Beach is major spot of fun but rather than beach, there are some popular clubs like Temptation, Alcove, Johnny's cool, Tito's, Men Mar, Lido's and Ziggy's. All these fun clubs are situated near the beach that why you can enjoy dancing on the beach. At One point of time you will feel tired, but Goa doesn't tired by serving the lots of fun and joy to tourists.

Sometimes, Goa looks like it has been made just to give you happiness and take your all tiredness and pain. The visit of Goa definitely makes you refreshing and energetic.

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