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Natural bounties in Goa in the form of beaches, forests etc, is plenty and stunning. Inhabitants in such a brilliant environment are bound to produce a culture that is equally impressive. To see the evidence of this fact one has to spend few days in watching the colorful and intriguing culture that is harbored in Goa.


The tribal life defines the origin of a state’s culture. In Goa, Gowdas are the main tribe followed by other tribal groups like Kunbis, Velips and the Dhangars. The lifestyles of the tribal groups of Goa are ruled by their specific traditions, customs, practices, religious beliefs, ceremonies, and all the more superstitions. Surprisingly, the Gowda tribe gives high importance to women and right to father’s property is vested to Gowda women. The major tribe of Goa has been split into three different sect following baptism after the arrival of Portuguese.


Dances of Goa reflect a fusion of oriental and western culture. The charisma and enthusiasm in the folk dances of Goa amuses spectators invariably. Especially during festivals the folk dances like Dekhni, Ghode Modni, Goff Talgadi, Dhangar Dance, Shigmo and Suvari becomes a center of attraction as performers wear their best costumes and show their best moves.


A very common perception of Goa festivals is the prominence of Christmas. But the reality is a little different as population of Goa is dominated by both Christians and Hindus. In fact their peaceful co-existence has made Christmas, Feast of Three Kings, Easter’s festival, Goa Carnival, festivals of both Hindu and Christians. Typical Hindu festivals are also noticed in Goa and Christians are found to be in a festive mood in such festivals reflecting religious harmony.


Among all the shades in Goa’s culture, music is the most happening one. The music of Goa is multifaceted as you can hear the melodious tune of Mando Music (seen in Goan Catholics) and can listen to the mesmerizing notes of Suvari folk music (noticed in Hindus). The melody in Music of Goa has the potency to explain the serenity of Goan ambience as well as the vibrancy of festivals.

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