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Goa Places to see OLD MANSIONS OF GOA

Location : All over Goa

Famous Mansions : Solar Dos Colacos Mansion, Dr. Pinto De Rosario Mansion, Mascarenhas Mansion

Prime Attractions : Decor, Architecture

The old mansions of Goa bear a mark of the Portuguese influence their architectural pattern. The architectural grandeur and the interior beauty of the old mansions of Goa clearly show the Portuguese arrival in Goa and their long stay in this place. However, the native craftsmen of Goa, who took part in the construction of mansions, have put their artistry secretly in these Christian houses. They aptly molded the figure of Madonna into that of Goddess Lakshmi’s, Christ was given the look of Himalayan Sadhu, blended the designs of Mediterranean gapes, vine and flora with Indian tigers, lion and elephants.

It’s interesting to see such unique pieces artistry in Goa, which will take you back to the days of History. Among the old mansions of Goa some of the mansions have been preserved well for public display. Some of the mansions have been listed below:

Salvador Da Costa Mansion :

This mansion was built by the joint effort of two brothers who were saints by profession; Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence. The mansion has very less show of opulence and has a very practical look. The mansion is located in a village in south Goa named Loutolim, which is well known for containing within its boundaries many beautiful large houses. Among these houses Salvador Da Costa mansion stands apart from its mixed architecture of western and Indian style. The river Zuari flows nearby this mansion. The Indian style of construction is evident from its low pitched roof. This type of roof is a common feature among the Indian houses near coastlines. The western fashion of construction is showcased by plastered pillars and Gothic-style windows.

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion :

This mansion is situated in the mid-way of Panjim and Old Goa, on the bank of Mandovi River. The mansion displays baroque style architecture. The splendid façade of this mansion is carved with the view of historical churches and islands of Goa. Located on the left bank of river Mandovi, this is probably the only mansion in Goa that faces a river. The interior decoration of the house shows the typical mixed artistry as you can see scenes of Ramayana, carved on the sideboard of the dining room. Contrary to this design, you will find the presence of Catholicism at the private chapels of this mansion.

Mascarenhas Mansion :

This mansion is situated in Anjuna, North Goa and is famous for its characteristic balconies. The opulent monument of this mansion offers a notable spectacle. The seats along the L-shapes porch of this mansion are mad of carved wood. The glare of sun in the porch is cut off by used tinted glass designed with fine floral etchings.

Vivian Coutinho Mansion :

This mansion at Fatroda shows the careful planning in making the entrance of the mansion eye-catching. The verdant garden adds to the beauty of this mansion and the green garden is scattered with contrast red masonry seats.

Thee mansions are important heritage buildings of Goa. Check them out to feel the glory of Goa’s past.

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