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Famous Musical Forms : Mando, Suvari Folk Music

Mando Music : Depicts Love Songs

Suvari Folk Music :
Part of Hindu Religious and Festival Performances

Culturally rich land of Goa is popularly known as the nest of singing birds. The prosperity in the music of Goa has been proved by the numerous brilliant singers and musical instrument players Goa has gifted us with so far. Some of the finest performers of Hindustani classical music are residents of Goa. In fact the internationally famed singer Lata Mangeshkar, is the daughter of a Goan resident named Dinanath Ganesh Mangeshkar.

The tiny land of Goa, lying between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, is always vocal with the beats of Ghumat and soft tune of Violin. The folk music of Goa doesn’t confine itself in the devotional songs and contains other variety of songs. The Goan folk music exhibits a rhythmic energy. The music of Goa is different from the rest of the parts of India in the sense that the songs of this region reflects a blend of Indian and western tones.

The folk music of this state has two genres, namely, Suvari and Mando music.

Mando Music :

This music is mostly seen in Goan Catholics. Mando music involves both song and dance by a group of Catholics. The group comprises male and female dancers of equal number and they form two parallel lines of semicircular pattern. The group of female dancers in Mando song stands in the first while the male dancers form their line behind them. The song of this kind is entirely romantic and spans around the emotions in love. The instruments accompanying this song are Ghumat and violin, which adds to the deep feeling of the song.

Suvari Folk Music :

This is a traditional folk music and it is a tone setter for every religious performances of Hindu. This music is purely orchestral as there are very few words involved in it. Suvari music primarily depends on the tune and beats rather than the lyrics. The orchestra of this folk music comprises 'Ghumat', Cymbals,'Shamel', and sometimes 'Surt' and 'Shehnai'. This music’s popularity can be judged from the status it receives in any Goan village. A good Suvari band is considered as a pride of a village.

The songs and music of Goa culture is hard to express in words as the real charm lies in listing to the actual tone. Visit the homeland of Goa to get intoxicated by its mesmerizing music.

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