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Goa Places to see GOA WATERFALLS

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Highest Waterfall : Dudhsagar waterfalls

Other Waterfalls : Arvalem waterfalls, Keserval Springs

Waterfalls Contains : Medicinal Properties

Best Time to Visit : September to April

Goa is not just a place to explore art and architecture, but it is a gift of Mother Nature as it is blessed with several geographical wonders like hills, beaches, rivers and waterfalls. The waterfalls in Goa are set amid the picturesque scenes of the forests. This makes them prominent from far off places and offers an enthralling look. There are not too many waterfalls in Goa, but the few falls this place has are highly breath-taking and tourists, both national and international, wait for the right season to capture these awesome creations of nature.

Arvalam Waterfalls :

Almost all the waterfalls in Goa lines up the Western Ghats and are great crowd pullers. Among these falls Aravalam falls is the finest one. This waterfall has a height of 70 feet and it is located in Valpoi taluka of North Goa. The streams of this waterfall gives it a majestic look with their gushing flow during Monsoon, which is the best time for visiting this waterfall. The scenic beauty of this falls is so tempting that sites around this fall are often used for film shooting. The rapturous waters of Arvalam form a crystal clear lake at its bottom. The Rudeshwar temple and Arvalam caves are situated nearby this fall, which are other great tourist spots of Goa.

Kesarval Springs :

This is located 22 km away from Panaji on the plateau of Verna. This spring brims with its glory of sparkling water during monsoon. However, this spring loses its entire beauty during summer. The name of this spring is derived from the Konkani word which means eagles. The reason behind such an unusual name is the colony of eagles which once thrived around the afforested areas of this waterfall.

This spring appears from a hard rock and people often take bath in this spring with the belief that its water is bestowed with medicinal values.

Dudhsagar Falls :

This waterfall in famous not only in Goa but all over India since it is the highest waterfall of the country. The name as it implies speaks about the spotless white color of this fall. The waterfall, created by Mandovi River is set against the thick greenery of tropical forest that adds to the beauty of this fall. The waterfall as the rest of the falls in Goa is on full swing during the monsoons. The crystal clear lake at the bottom of the fall is a paradise for passionate swimmers. The afforested areas enveloping the fall are filled with rare flora and fauna. Tourists often go for the tiring job of climbing the rocky hill of this waterfall. The climbing is surely tough, but you will be rewarded with a fantastic aerial view of the tropical forest and the fall from the rocky top.

How to reach?

It is always advised to see these waterfalls while moving in a group. You will find special tour packages for each of this waterfall provided by local tour operators at affordable prices.

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