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Location : On the borders of Karanataka - Goa

Significance : The highest falls in India

Best Time to Visit : October to Mid-December

On the borders of Karnataka and Goa lies the highest waterfall in India named Dudhsagar Falls or the sea of milk. This immaculately milky white waterfall is located amidst a thick tropical forest, which adds prominence to this waterfall owing to its dark green shade. The Mandovi River meanders along the plains of the Deccan plateau and then forms a gushing stream that cascades down a vertical cliff to form Dudhsagar Falls.

Dudhsagar Falls and its Features :

The name of this waterfall has been taken from a Konkani word which implies sea of milk. The Mandovi River flows at a tremendous speed down the cliff, which makes the water of Dudhsagar falls foamy giving a milky color to it. The waterfall runs through a crescent-shaped valley and flows along the tropical forests, which offers breath-taking scenery alongside the waterfall. You can take pleasure in watching the scenic beauty of this fall by taking a tour by foot or jeep. The Vasco Castle Rock Railway passes over the waterfalls on a stone via duct. Presently, this castle is going through track conversion work and hence for the past three years this castle is not open for public display.

Best Time for Visiting :

The Monsoon season calls for torrential rains that fill the banks of River Mandovi. Consequently, the Dudhsagar waterfall is blessed with sufficient water that adds to its beauty of bright white color. Hence, monsoon is the best time for tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the highest waterfall in India.

Activities at the Fall :

Now when you have reached such an exciting place in Goa, you can make your trip more interesting by engaging in fun and frolic. The place around this waterfall is ideal for picnic as it is set amidst the picturesque scenery of a tropical forest. The passionate swimmer will love to take a dip into the refreshing pool formed by this fall. Adventure seekers will regard this place as paradise as they can go for exciting trekking rounds in the woods around Dudhsagar.

How to reach this Fall?

You can reach this water fall easily from Dudhsagar nearest railway station. After arriving at the railway station, the fall can be reached by foot.

Several private tour operators tender trips which has this waterfall as on of its tour stoppages. You will also get special tours that are exclusively planned for this waterfall.

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