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Gujarat embraces every visitor with the hospitable nature of its inhabitants. The indigenous welcoming attitude of every Gujarati is a perfect match with the state’s colorful sites. The tourism in Gujarat is endowed with great amazements that are owed to its natural habitats like forest, lakes, sea beaches, tribal hinterlands, hills and many more to mention. The state has made its niche in India’s freedom struggle as it is the birth place of the father of the nation - Mahatma Gandhi.


This fact has added a different dimension to the tourism of Gujarat as international as well as national tourists find great interest in visiting Gandhi’s birth place.


The royal heritage of India is oral history for many but Gujarat makes this heritage visually feasible with numerous palaces, museums and monuments. Monuments like Adalaj Bhav present the elaborate architecture of step-well of 15th century AD and associates gripping tales behind its construction. The affluence of India’s kings is a notable feature and tourists can figure out this prosperity once they take a look into the palaces like Digvir Niwas Palace or Ranjit Vilas Palace.


A greater share of the state’s imperial past is contained within the highly maintained galleries of museums. The state has redefined museums by setting up Calico textiles museum in Ahmedabad that has pageantry of amazing fabrics the state weavers use and have used in the past. This museum is atypical one and tourists raptly involve in watching the articles on display. Historical sites within Gujarat stand out from most of the places in India with the pristine glory of Indus valley civilization.


The state might represent an arid land with predominantly dry weather but that is not impairment for vegetation. Gujarat holds within its boundaries some of the thickest forests that are now conserved as wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries are homes to varied and manifold flora and fauna. Tourists can set up watch towers to spend a night amidst rattling noises of jungle and waking up with bird’s call at Gir National park. The variation in topography and soil has produced different natures of plants in Gir. Every feature of Gir is notable to visitors and their wildlife safaris at Gujarat’s sanctuaries are certainly dream adventure trips.


The visit to this colorful state in India, is best enjoyed when tourists plan an all-inclusive tour package. Such packages are designed thoughtfully giving ample time for resting,shopping and sight seeing at the eminent places of Gujarat.

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