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Gujarat Places to see GUJARAT ARCHAEOLOGY

Gujarat, known as the jewel of the west is really true to its word. Apart from the wide prospect of diversity it presents in the Culture, food, language, and other geographic and demographic features, it shows some marvelous archaeological presence in the places like

Dholavira :


This site has some magnificent archaeological structure, which belongs to the Harappan civilizations. It is the fifth biggest settlements in the entire sub continent. Big sized signs of Harappan script have been found from this site. The Harrapan cities had the basic three parts such as middle town, lower town and Acropolis.

Lothal :


“Lothal” in the local Gujarati Language is called as the land of the death. This site is worth seeing as you can only wonder as how during that time also it was so flourished .This is a site of harappan civilization (Indus valley civilization) the unique feature you can spot here is the Lock gate dockyard of the Harappan civilization is surely the first maritime architecture. There is a museum, which will give you all the insight about the Harappan Civilization.

Surkotada :

Surkotada has one of the best Harappan civilizations. This civilization extended between from Sindh – Gujarat. The unique feature of the excavation is that the excavation is divided into three parts:

Period 1A :

In this period, Harappans discovered this place and had built residential annex, which was made up of rubble, mud bricks and mud lumps. The houses had drains and bathrooms.

Period 1B :

This period showed a remarkable change in the field of pottery as they started using red pottery and also many other things like a copper Celt, chert blades, harappan beads, and chisel were found.

Period 1C :

By this period the beads industry flourished and many nascent stage beads, red and black wares and coarse pottery became known.

Raivoli :

This is a treasure for the fossil lovers as it is the largest site of the Dinosaur in the entire world. These fossils date back to some sixty five million years.
The Harappan sites have one thing in common, the structure of the cities as in each and every excavation that is found there is citadel (which is often been considered as a fort or the main block) were ruling class like the wealthy merchants and the priests thrived. This place had huge walls, which protected the city from floods.

Lower Town :

The lower town was placed below citadel. The craftsmen and the petty merchants resided here. The houses were separated by broad roads .The drainage provision, which was there, is really praise worthy.

The Harappan civilization that existed in Gujarat gives us a clear view of the simple but mighty brains of the 2300BC people.

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