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Gujarat Places to see DHOLAVIRA

Situated : Khadir Island, Kachchh (Gujarat)

Special Features : Lettering of ten big sized signs of Harappan scripts.

Known For : This is one of the biggest Harappan settlements in India.

Out of all the Harappan Civilization known, the civilization at Dholavira is unique. This civilization is known for its ecstatic planning and the vastness of the area. This is the fourth largest civilization in the sub continent.

The unique feature of having the world’s oldest signboard is enjoyed by this settlement in Dholavira .You can spot many funerary structures which makes you think that even at that period of time socio spiritual beliefs existed.

Dholavira civilization measures 600m on the north to south direction and 775m on the east to west direction. It is divided into three complexes namely an acropolis, a middle town and a lower town.

The acropolis and the middle town also have gateways, street system, large open spaces, defence work, wells and built up area. The civilization within the general munitions accounts for forty eight hectares .The entire area goes beyond 100 hectares.

Acropolis :

There must be a considerable study done before constructing acropolis as it is very carefully guarded and each structure has been layed very impressively specially the south western zone portion.

The tower like castle stands on par insulation and it is capitally guarded by double ramparts. To get entry to the castles, eastern, western and northern sides, a big gate is available through an array of steps.

Middle Town :

The Middle Town measures 350m east-west, 180-200m north-south and has a height of 8.60m from the ground level. For the intercommunication purpose, there were more two-three gates with open spaces on former sides.

Lower Town :

The built up area of this town is 2/3rd part of the eastern side of the city. The lower town measures 300m east west and 350m north south and has a height of 7.50m.This also has a planned construction like the middle town and also has several breaks on the east, north and south sides and latter blends with the common open area.

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