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Gujarat Places to see BEYT DWARKA BEACH

Quick Bytes :

Location : Dwarka, Gujarat

Time to Visit : Months between October and March

How to Reach There : Dwarka is well connected by roads, trains and airways. By air, Jamnagar airport. By rail, trains running between Ahmedabad and Dwarka. 

The magnificent Beyt Dwarka Beach is located on the Saurashtra coast and is dotted with several Hindu temples. Its perfect situation at the confluence of Gomati River and Arabain Sea makes it suitable for water sports and other adventures. Dwarka is a city of pilgrimages. Being the birth place of Hindu God Krishna, immense religious significance is associated with this lovely place. The beach area is a unique amalgamation of religious aura and sensuality.

Though Beyt Dwarka Beach is not as popular as other beaches, its importance from the religious point of view cannot be under estimated. People travel to this beach in order to see the Okha seafront. It takes about half an hour in a boat to reach here from Okha. Tourists stay here or about an hour; the aura of the beach is filled with sentimental and religious touches. People come here for picnicking and to take holy baths in the sacred waters.

Things to do Here :

Apart from watching sandy beaches, there are a number of activities that one can pursue at Beyt Dwarka Beach. Several water sport activities are available on the beach side. One can spend quality time by swimming, boating, and trekking. The bird-watching is also a popular activity that offers a delightful experience for the photographers. The shores of Arabian Sea are sprinkled with limitless avifauna. These birds attract the onlookers with their bright plumages and lively colors. Their beautiful and varied forms as well as flexible body movements allure the watchers.
One can also hope to see variety of marine life in waters of the beach. One can have glimpses of turtles, sea urchins, octopus, and many other fish while boating in water. 

The visit to this beach offers a plethora of other activities to the travelers who come here to enjoy a spiritual tour. One can visit sacred temples like Dwarkadhish, Krishna and Dwarka. These temples are greatly revered by Hindus.

Accommodations for Visitors :

There is a scarcity of beach resorts or hotels here. One can book comfortable rooms at some of the hotels like Dwarkesh, Darshan, and Guruprema.

Beyt Dwarka Beach is a lovable spot that needs to be explored more by the visitors. A symbol of Hinduism, the beauty of the beach is interspersed with the religious glory.

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