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Location : Near Junagadh, Gujarat

Time to Visit : Months between July and March

How to Reach There : Buses from major cities available, By rail, Veraval railway station that lies at seven kilometer distance. By air, Keshod airport .

The unabashed Somnath and Veraval beach is known for its unspoilt beauty and unparallel sceneries. One can enjoy limitless number of activities here. It is, in fact, a great summer retreat where tourists can come, relax on the sandy beaches and spend their vacations watching the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings.

Religious Significance of the Place :

Somnath is considered a sacred pilgrimage of India. The temple o Somnath is considered among the 12 "Jyotirlingas" (shrines) of Lord Shiva. The place is of immense religious significance by Hindu devotees. The place is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. According to a legend, on command of the moon-god, Somnath Temple appeared in gold. It appeared a second time in silver, on order of the Sun and then in wooden form, as ordered by Lord Krishna. The final stone appearance of the temple, in which it is in the present from, was the work of Bhimdeva. As Somnath is located near River Saraswati, it is highly revered for its sanctity and insurmountable sacredness.

Highlights of the Place :

Somnath and Veraval beach is fringed with trees of coconut; turquoise blue waters that are crystal clear, dancing waves, and fine sandy areas that form a picturesque surroundings of the beach. This captivating beach offers myriad options to the visitors who come to get relaxed and getting cozy on the loveliest beaches. The place is in fact, a tourist haven where one can totally surrender himself to the soothing surroundings and get a break from the monotonous daily routine.

Pony and camel riding are highly enjoyable activities at the beach area. One can drink their favorite coconut drinks at stalls, and munch snacks, when hungry, or can get engaged in site-seeing activity. Somnath and Veraval beach is famous for fishing harbors where both local people and tourists can be seen enjoying their catches. There are some nearby attractions that also is as enchanting as this beach.

Veraval was a famous port town in ancient times and was the legacy of Junagadh's royal family. Though the walls are in ruins, some of the parts are still intact. The gates of Junagadh and Patan are carved extensively; A Nawabi Palace that faces the sea has influences of Gothic architecture.

The beach area is excellent for jogging and strolling activities by the tourists. One can swim in the waters and feel refreshed.

Other Attractions of the Place :

Prabhas Patan is a museum that houses sculptures of Hindu deities like Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Agni and various other deities. Those coming on a pilgrimage to Somnath must not miss the opportunity of coming to this sacred museum. Another sacred place that is situated nearby is Bakhla Tirth. It is the place where Lord Krishna, accidentally, got hit by an arrow from a tribal Bhil.

Triveni Tirth is the confluence of three rivers Hiran, Saraswati, and Kapil. This mingling is considered sacred by Hindus who immerse remains of their dead relatives in these holy waters. Other temples belonging to Lord Laxminarayan are also present.

Sasan is a famous wildlife santury that is located near Somnath and Veraval beach. The forest is rich in flora and fauna and is a must visit place for the tourists. Prabhas Patan temple is dedicated to sin god. This temple has a sanatorium and an adorable mandap. A cave dedicated to Pandavas (characters from Mahabharata) can also be visited by the travelers.

The beach is one of the finest beaches of Gujarat; travelers can rejuvenate and relax on the cool beaches or soak their bodies in sun.

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