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If you want to see vibrant culture, fascinating tales and a gregariously friendly ambience then welcome to the Land of Gujarat. With the word “ Aavo Padharo” and a cherubic smile, the smell of dhoklas, patras ever remaining in the air, the Gujarati community is a symbol of fun, laughter, enjoyment and dedication. Filled with patriotism, the land of Gujarat was once a part of Maharashtra, which was separated in 1960 when the State of Maharashtra was formed. “Atithee devo bhava’ - This term in Sanskrit means treat your guest like God. The Gujarat Culture endorses this term with a lot of ease. Once visited, you would want to visit the land of Gujarat again and again and again.

Extending across many centuries, the history of Gujarat is embedded in the geological and topographical landscape. From the stage of outpourings from volcanoes to the fossil fields of dinosaurs, from the paintings in the Neolithic age to the present day civilized architecture, Gujarat has been through all and is testimony to it.

With a background of art, history, music, historic murals, natural caves, the maze that Gujarat is,  evident with its exuberance and joie de vivre. Situated on the west coast of India, Gujarat has 25 districts presently. The Mauryan rule enhanced the influence of Buddhism in this stage. After 300AD, the Guptas ruled over Gujarat then the Schythians then the Gujjars and the Solanki in 1143.  Muhammad of Ghazni attacked the great Somnath temple in Gujarat and this led to the downfall of the Solankis. In the 12th century Ala-ud-din Khilji ruled Gujarat and in 1411 Ahmad Shah I founded the city of Ahmedabad. The 18th century saw the British ruling over the State and finally the State of Gujarat was formed in 1960.

The Kathiawar peninsula is named after the Kathis who came to this place around 14th century. The traditional rulers of Gujarat are the Bhils. Then there were the Rabaris who were a breed of cattle breeders who came from Sind and Marwar. The Kutchis are people who are from the Kutch. They are both Hindus and Muslims. Then we have the Jadeja Rajputs, the lohanas and the Maldharis who are also a part of the Gujarat cultural community.

Basically clad in a dhoti, long coat and a cap the Gujarati males are vibrant with vibrant headgears. The women wear a sari and blouse. This is a land of fairs and festivals. They are based on the lunar or solar calendar. All the festivals are full of joy, enjoyment and lot of color. The International Kite festival, Janmasthami, Holi, Diwali are all festivals that are celebrated with a lot of pomp here.

Some spots of interest here include the Dwaraka temple, Pawadhgadh, Jain temples, Saputara Hill Station, national shrine at Sabarmati, Mandvi beach, Porbander, Asiatic Lions and Wild Ass sancturary and many other colorful destinations.

Thus with all its cities and culture in full tandem with each other and offering the best possible cuisine, the warmth and the love with which the State receives us is one to reckon with. As they say in Gujarati “Maja ma” ( very well ) live and “Maja Ma” experience.

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