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Gujarat Places to see GUJARAT DANCE AND MUSIC

Gujarat state has different colors and in these colors dances and musics are major. Gujarati Dance and Music is not only limited in Gujarat but also internationally. People of other religion and caste also like Gujarati music and dance to this music. It is well known for its great tradition. Areas like Satpuras, Dangs, Arravallis and Vindhyas have varied dance forms and music creating instruments. Folk song of Kathiwada are very well known; and Kutch for Sindhi and Kutchi bhajans. Gujaratis celebrate their festivals over the year. They have fairs and festivals like Chitra Vichitra fair, Navratri, Bhavnath, Kawant fair, Tarnetar, Kutch utsav and Durbar. Through this dance form they display the whole picture of Gujarati Dance and Music. There are many ragas which are contributed by the Gujarat to classical music; they are Lullaby, Rannade, Bilaval, Ahiri and Lati, Sorathi. Among this Nupital, Rannade and Lullaby are the folk songs. During funerals people sing the Marsias. Vaishnava people have particular types of temple music.

Other than this, Gujarat also has different wind instruments, string type Ravan Halttho, Pava, Jantar, Bungal, Ektaro and Turi; there are some collisions instruments like Zanz pot drum, Manijira etc. dance is obvious with music. Gujarati dance is also sweet as its music. There are numerous folk dance forms like Rasaka, Garba, Dangi-Nritya, Garbi, Tippani etc. all these dance forms are performed in circle as it is a basic choreographic pattern. In Raas dance form, men and women starts the dance in circles, accompanied by clapping or striking of sticks.

In Hallisaka, one dance group performs with clapping and also singing. One young man as a Lord Krishna stands among the group of girls. In the dance form Dangi men and women hold each others hands, makes chain and does 27 steps or chalas. Garba, is only performed by the ladies with pots on their heads credible in circles. Garba dance is dedicates to Goddess Amba and invoke her blessings.

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