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Gujarat Places to see BHAVAI DANCE

Key Facts :

Meaning : Expression Of Emotion.


Performed By : North Gujarati Communities.


Performed In : The Night Time.

The dry and arid land of Gujarat is compensated well by the culturally rich inhabitants of the state. The people of Gujarat have invented various arts not only in the field of thread word and masonry, but they also have made their mark in dance. Bhavai dance of Gujarat is exemplary in showing the talent that Gujarati people possess. Viewers find great pleasure In watching this peppy drama.

Bhavai dance of Gujarat is actually a folk-drama of this region. The subject matter of this drama expresses the basic features of Gujarati folk-art. This dance is mostly performed and cultivated in villages and temple grounds. Certain communities like Bhojakas, Taragals who reside in the northern parts of Gujarat are experts in Bhavai dance. The bhavai dance of Gujarat derives its name from the term ‘Bhavai’ that implies “expression of emotions”.

The Bhavai folk drama is a lengthy performance that continues for the whole night. In many occasions the veshas of this drama are performed in the open ground without any stage equipment. These 'Veshas' portray episodes from the social life of certain Gujarati community living in the countryside. The drama focuses on the characteristics of certain village communities of Gujarats in satirical way. The dance drama brings out aptly the oddities of various classes such as the Bohras, Banias, wandering tribes, etc.

This dance drama uses a special musical instrument named Bhungal, which is a long brass wind instrument. Continuous playing of 'Bhungal', before and during the course of performance calls all the rural people to the site of the Bhavai drama. Women are strictly prohibited to take part in Bhavai. The female roles in Bhavai drama are performed by the male artists only. This adds to the satire and makes the whole drama more fun-filled. The collection of the Bhavai is very limited and one can find about three dozen 'veshas'. The authorship of these veshas is accredited to Asait, who is the pioneer of Bhavai dance of Gujarat.

Take a tour to Gujarat to see this vibrant performance. You will be thrilled by the mocking dances and the natural stage of this drama.

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