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Gujarat, known for its tradition, culture and heritage is a famous destinations among the tourists. The state has attracted many tourists from years because of the vibrant and colorful culture. The state is known all over the world for its splendid and amazing festivals all over the world. There are many festivals celebrated in Gujarat apart from the festivals which are also celebrated in the entire Country.

There are around 3,500 festivals celebrated in different parts of the state of Gujarat every year. The religious identity and the diverse culture can be seen in the people of Gujarat during these festivals. People of Gujarat deeply believe in mythology and religion and the festivals are celebrated around all the gods and goddesses where people from all communities participate. Some of the popular festivals in Gujarat include Navratri and Kite that are celebrated with lot of interest and excitement. People of Gujarat strictly observe these festivals as they still follow the traditions and customs from old age.  Festivals of Gujarat attract a number of tourists from all over the world every year.

Important Festivals in Gujarat :

  • Bhadra Purnima : Bhadra purnima is celebrated in the month of August or September on the full moon night. The main fair is celebrated in Ambaji, Gujarat. It is known as Ambaji Bhadra Purnima and is among the famous and biggest festivals in Gujarat. Thousand of Farmers come together during this time to worship at the Ambaji shrine. ‘Bhavai’ and ‘Gharba’ is organized and performed by people to celebrate this festival.

  • Bhavnath Mahadev Mandir : A fair is organized at the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple in Junagadh on the foothill of Mount Girnar. This fair is celebrated with Great Spirit and is continued till five days. This is celebrated during the festival of Mahashivratri. In the month of Magh, (according to the Hindu calendar, somewhere in February) on the 14th day in the midnight the Mahapuja of Lord Shiva is conducted.

  • Dance Festival Modhera : Dance festival modhera is the annual dance festival organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat at Sun Temple in Modhera. The festival is organized every year for three days in the month of January. The main motto of the festival is to create the same form of classical dance as it was originally presented before. The festival is organized in the premises of the temple.

  • International Kite Festival : International Kite Festival of Gujarat is one of the most famous and exciting game played by the people of all ages. This festival is celebrated during Makar Sankranti which is also known as Uttarayan in other parts of India. The festival of Kites is unique and has become a mark for the Gujarat and Gujarati people.

    During this Festival, the sky over the cities is filled with kites. All the people from the family to the top of the roof and with the breeze of the air they try to fly the kite high in the sky for the thread is used and is known as Manja. There is also a fight between kites where one tries to cut the Manja of the other person by rubbing the thread to their thread; whichever is sharper will cut the others. This festival is famous all over the world and many tourists from all over the world come to participate in the International Kite festival.

    The atmosphere all over the place is wonderful as most of the families prepare special food on this occasion like Undhyu, ladoo, surati jamun are made and friends and relatives come to visit the place.     

  • Kachchh Mahotsava : Kachchh Mahotsava offers a six day guided tour to the Kutch- Bhuj region of Gujarat. The tour is organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat and gives an opportunity to explore and experience the places and its beauty, culture, traditions, spirit, ethos, nostalgia. The Kachchh Mahotsava or the tour is well organized and is conducted every year in the month of February or March.

  • Navratri : Navratri mean ‘nine nights’ is the most popular festival and is celebrated widely among the Hindu people. It is the only dance festival in the world which continuous till nine days, which makes it the longest in the world. It is a rich festival celebrated all over India for Nine days. The tenth day is known as Dasara or Vijayadashami. This usually comes in the month of September-October. The dance usually starts in the evening after the pooja of Maa Durga and where people from all the ages come together to do ras Gharba also know as Dhandiya. The dance is done using two small wooden sticks that is hit by one person’s stick to another’s.

    Many organizers uses live band or just plays the songs for the people to dance. The songs are in Gujarati language which is specially made for Gharba dance. The traditional steps of the dance are simple but from many years people are inventing new steps. There are traditional clothes made specially to do Garba dance. This Festival attracts people from all the age groups and tourist from all over the world.

  • Ravechi Fair : Ravechi Fair is conducted in the month of September that is also known as Bhadra (local Hindu month) near the Ravechi Mata temple and is one of the tourist attractions of Gujarat. The atmosphere is really wonderful during the fair which hundreds of devotees come to visit. The main attraction of the fair is Revelers at the fair, which make sure to visit the Ravechi Mata temple. There are stalls colored beautifully to buy local handicrafts which are the best places to buy. Home made clothes; mirror work, lace work, embroidery and the other hand made things are with wonderful work and best to buy which are made by the local women in the Ravechi fair. The temple is decorated beautifully during the fair creating a peaceful ambience. The temple is situated in the Rav village of Gujarat

  • Rann Utsav : Ravechi Fair is a festival which starts around the Bhuj District and ends at a prime location. The festival is celebrated during the full moon night of the winter season for three to four days, where around 8,000 visitors from all over the world to experience and enjoy the festival. This is the festival where people from the native region and tourists come along with the Government officers to celebrate the festival. The handicrafts of Kutch are showcased in the festival. The Rann Utsav is organized by the State government and the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.

    There are fairs near the beaches which are multi colored swings your spirit of flamboyancy and festivity. The Rann Utsav is organized by the State government and the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.    

  • Rath Yatra : Rath yatra is an amazing event where people from all communities participate with great enthusiasm and joy. It is the festival of Lord Krishna, where he takes a ride on the chariot that was called by his maternal uncle, Kansha. The yatra of this festival starts from the Jagannath temple in the east coast. The idols of Lord Krishna, Balram and Subhadra are traditionally put on the chariots for the yatra.

    Gymnasts, Decorated elephants and acrobats perform some great acts which are unbelievable to watch. Lot of Rice and Gulal is sprinkled on the idols of the Lord by people from both the sides of the chariot while walking along the streets. The chariot was pulled by Devotees during the festival.

    The Rath yatra festival is celebrated all over India and Gujarat, but the Rath Yatra of Ahmedabad has been taking place since 130 years. The yatra starts from Jagannath Temple in Jamalpur in Ahmedabad city and goes all around the city.

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