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Gujarat Places to see BHADRA PURNIMA

Quick Five :

Location : Ambaji Shrine, Gujarat

Held in : August September

Transport : Rail / Road / Local Transportation

Bhadra Purnima Festival :

Bhadra Purnima is among the biggest festivals in Gujarat that is celebrated with great interest. It is also popularly known as Ambaji Bhadra Purnima. The celebration of this festival is done at Ambaji that is located at the foothills of Mount Arvalli. The village is blessed with the grace of goddess Amba Mata or Ambika. The origin of this place is still unknown but it finds reference in 746 AD.

The most special day is Bhadrapadi Purnima among the other four festival days. On this auspicious day farmers come to worship this God. The most interesting part of this shrine is there is no idol inside. Ambaji is represented with the ‘Shree’ sign inscripted in the triangle located in between. This is known as Vishwa Yantra. The shrine of Ambaji is also known to be the original and strongest among the 51 Shakti Peeths.

The belief says that the heart of Goddess Sati fell in the Ambaji village at the time of dismemberment. It is also said that the tonsorial ceremony of Lord Krishna was celebrated in Ambaji.

Number of mantras are used during the worship of goddess. Hundreds of farmers attend this fair to worship the goddess. Gharba and Bhavai, the folk drama are performed during this occasion to please the goddess. Seven hundred verses prayer is know as Devi Saptshati is also recited in the temple. Padyatris, a group of people walk from a distance to reach the temple to worship the god. They walk through a long distance in the respect of the god. On this auspicious occasion there is a huge fair organized, where people from various place come to celebrate this day. Bhadra Purnima festival attracts tourists from India as well as abroad.

Accommodation :

There are number of hotels in Ahmedabad and Gujarat which are available easily. There are numerous options in five star hotels or a local lodge is also available as per the budget.

Transportation :

Railway : Ahmedabad station has good frequency with the whole Gujarat and has number of trains available.

Road : Road journey can be comfortable with the well maintained roads and there connectivity.

Local transport : Local buses and auto rickshaws are available from Ahmedabad to reach Ambaji shrine


Things Important to carry : First Aid Kit, Some extra clothes, Mineral Water Bottle and camera.

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