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Gujarat Places to see NAVRATRI FESTIVAL

Quick Five :

Location : All around Gujarat

Held in : September/October

Duration : 9 days

Transport : Rail / Road / Local Transportation

Navratri Festival :

Navratri means ‘nine nights’ this is the most popular festival and celebrated widely among the Hindu people. In the Ashwin month of Hindus on the first day of bright fortnight, the first day of Navratri starts. It usually comes in the month of September/October.  It is the only dance festival in the world which continues till nine days, which makes it the longest in the world. It is a rich festival celebrated all over India for Nine days.

The tenth day is known as Dasara or Vijayadashami. This usually comes in the month of September-October. It is said that on this day Ravana, his huge brother Khumbhkaran and Meghnad his son were killed by Lord Ram. In some places there is a play held known as Ram Leela where the character of Lord Ram shoots the arrows that are burning towards the huge effigy of Ravana. These effigies have fireworks which are burnt as a symbol of getting rid and getting peace from the evils. This day is celebrated by buying a new vehicle or some thing new and the pooja is done of the old vehicle

The Dance known as Gharba usually starts in the evening after the pooja of Maa Durga and where people from all the ages come together to do ras Gharba also know as Dhandiya. The dance is done by using two small wooden sticks that are hit by one person’s stick to another’s. There are groups that do the Gharba and the group is formed into a circle. The circle has a shrine of the Goddess in between, which is made by each community. There is a Garbo in the shrine (earthenware pot) and in that a silver coin, beetle nut is put inside and on top is the coconut placed.

Many organizers use live band or just play the songs for the people to dance. The songs are in Gujarati which is specially made for the Gharba dance. The traditional steps for the dance are simple but from many years people are inventing new steps. There are traditional clothes made specially for the Garba dance. This Festival attracts people from all the age groups and tourist from all over the world.

Accommodation :

There are number of hotels in Gujarat which are available easily. There are numerous options in hotels or a local lodge is also available as per the budget.

Transportation :
Railway : Gujarat has many cities that celebrate this festival and is connected with all the major stations.
Road : Road journey can be comfortable with the well maintained roads and there connectivity.

Local transport : Local auto rickshaws without meter, buses and Jeeps are available.

Things Important to carry : First Aid Kit, Some extra clothes, Mineral Water Bottle and camera.

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