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Gujarat Places to see GUJARAT GARDENS

Gujarat, is the state of eternal bliss as this has special blessings from Lord Krishna. You will find a large chunk of people greeting each other saying Jai Shri Krishna. This state is an important part of the overall naturistic world. You will find everything from cultural diversity to nature diversity, as on one side of Gujarat you will find total green culture and on the other side the white sandy region of Thar Desert. You can also find many gardens and parks on the array of this state. One of the city of Gujarat is also known as the Green City.

There are many gardens and parks namely :

Sardar Patel Museum : This was a palace, which was converted into a museum. Now this museum holds a beautiful garden called Sardar Open Garden .If you visit this garden you will find dotted peacocks and  monkeys wandering around the tree .With the mix of natural atmosphere and palatial settings , this place is a must visit

Kankaria Lake : This lake is polygonal in shape. This lake is mainly known for its Garden, which is an island garden, called, as Nagina Wadi, .The view from this garden is really ecstatic as it is based on an island. Children can have fun at the amusement park and Bal Vatika.

Pratap Vilas Palace and Peter Scott Nature Pak : The royal palace was constructed within 1907-1915.This palace has got a tinse of European style in its architecture. In the year 1968, the king of this place Maharaja Jam Singh changed the palatial grounds into Natures Park. The King got live specimen of some species in order to conserve them .After the confiscation of all the royal properties by the government of India the condition of this park is not all that good. You need to get a permit from the royal family to visit this park, you can go to their office, which is in Darbar Gadh.   

Waghai Botanical Gardens :
This garden is located 2 km away from Waghai.This is also a Bio diversity conservation center. This garden has a wide range of exotic and native plants. The key feature of this Botanical garden is that here you can learn the various uses of the plants and until what extent we are dependant on them. There is a nature education trail to ferry you from Vansda Park .This Park is a treasure of trees and their various unconditional uses. This park is a must visit for the one who is interested in plants and trees as this park will act as an encyclopedia for them .

Sayaji Baug : This park stretches on the bank of a river and covers a total area of 45 hectares .This Park was constructed by Maharaja Sayajirao 3 in the year 1879.This park is known, as Kamati Baug.This Park is so big that you will need at least half of the day to fully research each and every aspect. This park has two museums, a planetarium, a zoo, a functional toy train, and a flower clock. The planetarium is a major attraction as it shows the entire universe in thirty minutes.

Saputara Gardens : Saputara has got a wide range of attractive and decorated gardens .These gardens are known to be renowned as a picnic spot .Millenium Garden, Rose Garden and Step Garden are the well known gardens here.

Ranjitsagar Dam : This dam is the main source of the city. This dam also has a municipal garden; this spot is an ideal spot for bird watching and picnics.

Indroda Nature Park : Indroda Nature Park is spread at a stretch of 468 hectares. This is the perfect place for nature lovers, as they will find solace .This Park is situated in the Indroda village and is quite accessible from the main town .You will find a wide range of animals and birds .Amphitheatres is also one of the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world.This place is worth visiting to enjoy the magic which is inside this splendid park.

Kankaria Lake : This lake is a very famous picnic spot where people come to distress themselves and spend quality time. There are famous eating outlets adjacent to the lake. The magnificient view of this lake really can drive you crazy .Moreover there is a childrens park and a zoo adjacent to this lake.

Waghai Botanical Garden : This botanical garden is the Bio Diversity Conservation centre. You will find a wide variety of exotic and native plants .Its a knowledge hub for the one who is interested in trees and plants. You can also enjoy nature’s trail that leads you to the vansda Park.

To enjoy the natural extravaganza do visit these parks, which will give you eternal solace.

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