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Gujarat Places to see SHARAD BAUG PALACE

Fast Facts :

Open : Daily except on Fridays

Time : ( 9.00AM-12.00PM) (3.00PM-6.00PM)

Entry Fees : 5 Rs

Photography Fees : 10 Rs

Videography Fees : 25 Rs

This palace is the last sign of the Madherao dynasty. After the death of Maharao Madansinhji Jadeja in 1991 (UK) Sharad Baug Palace, was converted into a museum. Sharad Baug Palace is located to the east of the beautiful lake ‘Hamsirsar’. This palace came into existence in 1867 AD. This palace is known for its amazing and magnificent beauty. The key features of this palace include Gardens, which are full of greenery and fresh air. As one enters the palace, one is greeted with an artistic and a huge drawing room. As Maharao used to live here, the personal belongings are kept for display. The dining room is located in the other building.

The gardens are the heart of the palace. The gardens has luscious nurseries ranging from grass to plants. The condition of the grass is so favorable that well renowned tennis players are usually invited. If any body wants to buy plants then this the suitable place where visitors are allowed to stroll and also buy plants from the palaces nursery. This is known to be the most relaxing and soothing place in the entire Bhuj area.

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