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Gujarat Places to see MAHAL HILL

At a Glance :

Geographical Location : Gujarat, 60km from Saputara

Eye Catching Locations : Dangh Darbar, Purna Sanctuary

Mahal hill is situated 60 km from Saputara, which is dominated by the Purna Sanctuary. The hill is covered by the high wooded bamboo slopes. It is a very long drive that passes through the very amazing parts of Dangs. It is a very good place for picnics, treks and walks. The area is enabled with bamboo glades and rivers. The prime attractions of Mahal hills are Purna Sanctuary and Girmal Falls.

Purna Sanctuary :

It is a very vast and rich forest, tatting with the Gira and Purna rivers. Mahal hill will definately attract you through its cool interiors. If you want to explore this cool interior then you need sturdy shoes and well packed lunch; now you are ready to have look of an amazing hilly forest. If you are tired of walking then there are some picnic huts for use.

Girmal Falls :
It is a most marvelous sight for Monsoon holidays and picnics. The Girmal Falls is a little part of the Mahal Singana road. The approach of the tourists increased through the tribal village to the hilly fall on the Gira River.

Other Attractive Places of the Mahal Hill :

Dangs Darbar :

It is an annual colorful festival of the tribals; which is held during Holi, at Ahwa. The duration of the festival is five days, with full of fun and colorful affair. In this festival tribal people congratulate each other for celebrating an old custom of political pensions which they give to the kings of the tribal. They express their happiness through music, merry making, color, dance and a brisk buying and also through selling the tribal wares. Tourists also take participation in the festivities to enjoy the celebration.

Cultural Show at Ahwa :

When tourist go back to Saputara, they halt at Ahwa to get a chance to enjoy the acrobatic Dangi dance and the fast paced. This dance form is performed as the most entertaining dances of this region at the festival of India in Paris. It was held in the open air Rangupvan theatre.

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