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Gujarat Places to see CLIMATE

At a Glance :

Location : Gujarat

Highest Temperature : 43' C

Lowest Temperature : 12'C

Average Rainfall : 33-152 cms

Gujarat's climate is very monotonous, as you can see the on the northern side of the Gujarat region you will get dry weather where as on the southern part of Gujarat the climate is moist.  If you will go to the western side of the Gujarat, you will get to see the broad and peaceful Arabian Sea with the Gulf Cambay and eastern side totally covered by the forest hills; it helps to decrease the temperature and makes the weather comfortable and pleasant. But when tropic cancer passes near by the Gujarat's northern border, then the Gujarat gets the either extreme hot climate or extreme cold climate.

As Gujarat is a state of India, it faces the 3 season, which are from June to September the season is of southwest Monsoon, during the month of November to February is of winter season and March to May a season of summer. During the winter season, Gujarat's average temperature is in between 12' degree C to 27' degree C, despite this, there is record of freezing levels of the state. The temperature of summer season is around 25' degree C to 43' degree C and it was reached till 48' degree C. if you will go to the Gujarat in the winter season, then you have to face maximum temperature of 26' degree C, the minimum is 12' degree C; there is record of 0 spells. The maximum temperature in summer was reached till 48'degree C, where as 42 or 43' degree C is very general; minimum temperature which was recorded 25' degree C. in Gujarat, winter temperature is never falls so much like summer temperature. Gujarat's average rainfall is not constant; it is around 33-152 cent meter. The south part of the Gujarat state gets around 76 – 152 cent meter average rainfall. Almost 190 cent meter highest rain gets the Dangs district. The northern region has the rainfall of 51- 102 cent meter. Kachchh's semi desert region gets very low amount of rainfall. Some major areas of Gujarat faces the incurable scarcity situations such as Panch Mahal, Ahmedabad, Surendranagar, Mehsana, Jamnagar and Banaskantha. All these area originally needs rainfall.

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