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Gujarat Places to see COSTUMES

Main Male Attire : Chorno & Kediyu.

Main Female Attire : Chaniyo & Choli.

Ornaments Worn By : Both Men and Women.

Like the land of Gujarat the costumes of Gujarat also show huge variety in color and form. You will see the fine threadwork that comes in different kinds to decorate the costumes of Gujarati people. The use of beads and small pieces in embroidery is a specialty of Gujarati embroiders.

The most common type of Gujarti costume worn by men is called Chorno. This dress is a cotton drawer which is mainly worn by rural men of this state. A short kediyu or angrakhu is pout over the Chorno to cover the upper part of the body. People of Gujarat who are engaged in agriculture are seen to wear a typical head dress or turban. This turban is named phento and is a thickly folded piece of cloth.

Generally, Gujarati men prefer to wear dhotis with long or short coat and a turban. But like most of the states in India these traditional costumes of Gujarat are gradually being replaced by western casuals.

The females in rural part of Gujarat commonly wear chaniyo, which is colored petticoat embroidered with glass pieces. They wear a blouse, named choli, which is embroidered in a similar fashion with glass pieces that give a glittering effect to it. Along with this blouse and petticoat women also take a chunri, which is a colored coarse cloth long enough to drape around the upper part of the body.

Costumes for Gujarati Festivals :

Ras and Garba are the popular Gujarati festivals when people come to a mood to celebrate. Different clothes are put on during these occasions of celebration.

The Ras festival is regarded as the dance Lord Krishna performed in Ras Leela when he led a life of cowboy in Gokul and Vrindaban. The typical male costume for this folk dance is a small coat named Keviya. Keviya is a tight long sleeved coat with frilled pleats at its wait. The borders and shoulders of Keviya are embroidered heavily.  A tight churidar and a colorful turban are put on along with the Keviya. A colored waist band making a contrast with white keviya and churidar is worn to make the overall appearance bright.

The Gujarati females are seen in lehenga choli or Ghagra choli during this festival. The cholis are barebacked and are embroidered heavily with colorful threads are glass pieces. To complete the attire females use a veli cloth or dupatta, which is a long piece of cloth, worn across the neck. Unlike the daily wear of Gujarati women, the costume for this festival is extremely colorful.

Traditional Costume of Kutch :

Abhas is the traditional costume of Kutch region that nowadays in vogue. This exquisitely styled garment is adorned with glass pieces which gives it a shimmering effect.

In the villages of Kutch region Abhas is widely seen. The village women decorate their Abhas with golden and silver thread work. While the gold and silver threads give a shiny hue to this costume, the sequin work makes the dress sparkle. In fact the Kutch district of Gujarat specializes in making Abahs with different colored cloth and contrasting threads.

The colorful and pretty dresses of Guajart are eye-catching and you can see some of the traditional dresses of Gujarat in Calico Textile Museum.

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