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Cuisines of Gujarat are very much famous in all over the world, not only in India but people who live in abroad all demand for the Gujarati snacks, spices and foods. Gujarati thali gives you all the deliciousness of Gujarati food. Gujarati cuisine has so much to serve the food lovers that you would be tired but the dishes won't finish.  Some dishes are entirely fried and some are cooked through boiling. The soul of their delicious food is must be the different types of spices; which make their food very tasty. Gujarati thali accompanied with kadhi, roti, sabzi and dal also the shaak and rice. Generally gujarti people take one or the other types of curries with rice and roti. Even the Gujarat state has adopted many foreign influences from many years, but still the basic taste of Gujarati food is same. Kathiawari and Kachchh both use the red chili powder which makes Gujarati food spicier. Gujarati thali which is very much famous contains farsans and sweetmeats and a variety of sweet and spicy chutneys, pickles.

South Gujarat :

If you will compare the different areas of Gujarat, you will find different tastes in Gujarati food. The southern Gujarat is blessed by lots of rainfall. Green vegetables and plenty of fruit influenced the surati food. In surati food, they don’t use much preparation; no costly ingredients still the food gives you awesome taste like five – star restaurant. Southern Gujarat's popular food items consist vegetable concoction which is called as Paunk and Undhyoo. Surat is also popular for one more thing that is bakery items like gharis, saglu baglu mithai, nankhatais which you will also get in the city's bakery and other bakery shops.

As per the geographic location, Gujarat is divided into four regions. Because the climatic variations, you will find noticeable differences in the easting habits and preparation process.

North Gujarat :

North Gujarat is very much popular for their Gujarati thali which includes vegetables, rice, sprouted beans, dal, chutney and raita, farsan and pickles. The food of this region is usually non spicy and large amount of oil. Here you will get different types of farsan like Pathara, Dhokla, Khaman and Khandvi.

Kathiawad :

You will be surprised to know that vast Saurashtra grew produce the sugarcane, millet, wheat, peanuts and sesame in its dry earth. Kathiawari food and sweetmeats is dominated by 'gur'. In this region you will get the chance to taste different types of pickles.

Favorites of Kathiawari  includes 'debras', which is made by wheat flour mixed with spinach, a dollop of yogurt, green chilies and little bit salt and sugar. All this you can eat with chhundo. In spices, Methia Masala is their specialty in spices. It includes dry fenugreek seeds powder and chili powder and also salt. When they make vegetables, they sprinkle this spice over the vegetables, salads and which gives their meal a dynamic flavor.

Kachchh :

It is very simple cuisine as compare to other Gujarati cuisine. This cuisine consists Khichadi which they eat with Kadhi which made by the yoghurt. Kachchh's some similar dishes include Khaman Dhokla, Doodhpak, and Shrikhand.

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