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Gujarat represents a cultural mosaic with its tangy cuisines, bejeweled native consumes, extraordinary dances and dramas. Inhabitants of Gujarat and their practices and skills are a blatant contrast to the arid and dry landscape of the state. Although the state has absorbed a substantial part of western culture yet, the culture has remained intact in its place in term of traditional foods, costumes and sources of entertainment.


The culture of Gujarat has multiple influences from its different tribes who have migrated to the state. The tribal life of Gujarat is a mosaic with different and unique tribal groups arising from the land if Gujarat. Every tribal group has a different lifestyle to show. For example, the Ahir Tribe is basically wanderers and come from Sind. The prime occupation of this tribe is cattle breeding and presently their lifestyle has molded to a great extent by mixing with other tribes. Migrated tribes of Pakistan have also find place in the land of Gujarat. Jaths are a tribal group that belongs to Pakistan who landed in Gujarat almost 500 years ago in search of grazing lands.  Their lifestyle reflects Islamic culture. Garasia tribe of Gujarat is an interesting clan who has a curious way of grooming themselves. The people of this tribe prefer to wear a golden crown in their teeth that adds a sparkle to their smile.


The cuisine of Gujarat is extremely tangy and offers all sorts of food ranging from snacks, starters, main course and deserts. The sociality of Gujarati cuisines lies in its basic ingredients with is devoid of any non-vegetarian items. Apparently vegetarian dishes are stark in taste but in Gujarat this common perception is nullified as the traditional vegetarian dishes are much tastier than the common non-veg foods items. The deserts of Gujarat are certainly wonderful explorations made by every tourist. The sweetness of Gujarati deserts gives a hint of difference with use of jaggery as a prime sweetener.


Where eatables are so indulging, imagine how the people of the state will be! Gujarati people have forte in threadwork and display their talent through embellished costumes. The native costumes of Gujarat are decorated with tiny pieces of mirror and elaborate threadwork what dazzles when performs flaunts them during dandiya festival.


The festivals of Gujarat are one bold piece among the cultural mosaic of the state. Navratri Festival shows an awesome presentation of dance and pageantry of dazzling which are used by performers. Acrobatics is a special feature of this festival. Dandiya festival has earned national fame as it has transcended beyond the borders of Gujarat. Dancing with the sticks and moving with the growing beats of music is the essence of Dandiya that keeps every participant mesmerized. An unusual and interesting festival in Gujarat is international kite festival where people from across the globe participate. The sky appears to be an assortment of numerous pictures as decorated and illustrated kites take their places above.

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