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Gujarat Places to see GUJARAT MONUMENTS

Gujarat is the ideal place that defines grandeur of Indian heritage, culture, history and traditions. Being the most effervescent states of India, Gujarat holds in its territories the testimony of royal status which this state has once enjoyed. The Monuments of Gujarat are one of those significant structures that bear the mark of grandeur of Gujarat’s past.

Your trip to this state will not be complete if you don’t visit the monuments of Gujarat. These are one of the important tourist spots in India which draws international tourists to Gujarat every year.

Some of the famous monuments of Gujarat are emphasized briefly below.

Tomb of Ahmed Shah :

This is probably the most famous among all the monuments in Gujarat. The tomb of the famous ruler Ahmed Shah can be seen near Jama Masjid. Ahmed Shah was the founder of the city of Ahmedabad. His tomb is elaborately designed with latticed windows, minarets and you will find several inscriptions all over this monument.

Adalaj Vav :

This grand monument is situated in Ahmedabad and has been built by Ruda. Ruda was the wife of Vaghela chief, Virsinh. The length of this monument, which is 75.3 m, makes it stand out than the rest of its kind. The most unique feature of this majestic monument lies in its octagonal top.

Uperkot Fort :

This fort is situated in Junagadh and was constructed during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya that dates back to 319 B.C. This ancient monument underwent several rounds of renovation so far. During the British rule this monument served as military quarters.

Hriday Kunj :

This monument is of great importance to tourists all over the globe. It received its historical significance because Mahtama Gandhi started his non-violence movement from this place.

Shaking Minarets :

His intriguing pair of minarets is located at Sidi Bashir mosque near Sarangpur gate. These curiously fascinating pair of minaret was a riddle to British rulers who dismantled one of the minarets to decipher the mystery.

Old Fort :

This fort was built during the rule of Mohammad Tughlaq and stands at the city of Surat. This monument is the most colossal structure of Gujarat and was constructed for defense against Bhil attackers.

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